The Balance of the Masculine and Feminine is Not Intellectual, it’s Experiential.

This episode of ReWilding for Women aims to give you an experiential understanding of the balance of the masculine and feminine forces within. We explore AUTHENTIC feminine power vs AUTHENTIC masculine power.  Through a variety of meditations, practices and energetic transmissions, Sabrina shares with you what each of these forces within feels like, looks like and also what they can do for your life.

For women living in today’s Western society understanding and learning how to call upon these energies is essential to the health of our bodies, our relationships, our careers and our families!

Enjoy the show!  We’d love to hear your comments on ANYTHING regarding the balance of the masculine and feminine (challenges, questions, ah ha moments, learnings, etc) in the comments and we’d love to see you on facebook or at upcoming live event!

In this episode

4.07 – Meditation practice – energising the feminine core – womb wisdom

8.27 – Invitation to connect womb to womb

8.50 – What is authentic feminine power?

9.30 – What is the full spectrum of the feminine?

9.52 – Lighting storms and Kali

1042 – What is the authentic power of the masculine?

11.28 – Mindfulness practice – Awareness and Breath – Balance of the Masculine and Feminine

12.41 – Journal exercise – Questions to change your life – Identifying Masculine and Feminine within

14.30 – The Feminine desires fullness – What does that mean for you?

15.26 – Intuitive gifts of the feminine

16.10 – How much of your life is spent in your masculine?

17.02 – Intimate relationships and masculine/feminine balance

17.20 – A woman’s biggest challenge with the masculine

17.48 – Athena archetype, goddess, warrior woman

19.11 – Are we standing in our true empowerment?

20.05 – Aphrodite archetype, goddess of love

21.45 – What changes when we open to the authentic feminine?

Photo by Vadim Stein


  1. Mary Ann Spillman on February 23, 2019 at 6:18 am

    I just found your blog.. I am starting from the beginning. This is just what I needed. I’m so excited to get started.
    Thank You

    • kelly hart on February 24, 2019 at 12:57 am

      Hi Mary!! Welcome! So happy you’re here xoxo

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