Four simple yet powerful ways to shift out of lower-level, murky, egoic places and into high-vibrating, soul-centered, wise aspects of Self.

In this episode we offer a smorgasbord of perspectives for you to feel in to! We explore the gifts of body wisdom and our tendency to detach during times of instability. We discuss the benefits and warnings of engaging with shadow work when uncertainty and anxiety are so present. We also invite you to get radically honest about what your attention dial is tuned to, how to shift it and how to support your soul’s expression, even during a time when spiritual work is potentially not viewed as valuable by those around you. We also have a pretty exciting announcement so make sure to keep you ears perked at the 20 minute mark!!!


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Show notes… 

0:00 – Aspect #1 – An invitation to drop into your body, to connect with your deep wisdom centers, with your roots, and your base chakra. In doing so you communicate to your system that it is safe and secure. From that grounded state you can more easily and openly engage in conversations, practices, and ways of being that evoke higher states of consciousness.

9:20 – Aspect #2 –  Discerning if engaging in shadow work is truly in you highest good. Currently, ReWilding is not called to be pushing into shadow realms. There is simply no need — the “Greater Goddess” is taking care of that at the moment 🙂

16:30 – Generally speaking, shadow realms are not as accessible during times of uncertainty. On the flip side, these times may bring to the surface what is ready to be consciously worked with. If you are currently feeling called to work with your shadow ask yourself if that is in fact your deepest truth! It may just be your conditioning, your push to always be moving forward on your spiritual path, or even indicate an unhealthy addiction to shadow work.

19:50 – !!! Announcement: “The ReWilding Path: Coming Home to Self.” We are so excited to co-create this with you!!! It will be a complete overview and online journey into what ReWilding is. It’s experiential, it’s the heights and the depths, it’s the embodiment of Soul and the radiation of its individual expression out into the world!  The first part will be completely free and open to the whole of our community! 

27:30 – Aspect #3 – Consciously turning our dial! Being radically honest with Self what is it that you tune into that pulls you out of alignment? In contrast, what do you tune into that brings you back to Self, to love, and into a more conscious state of awareness?

34:00 – Aspect #4 – We create our realities, in every second of every day we are creating! Where are you creating from? Is it from fear, anxiety and outdated programming, or are you creating from love? From that pure, centered and open place?

42:00 – Aspect #4 Continued – Our ability to create from that full, open, unrestricted place where our life force energy that is the Feminine constantly flows through us is dependent on our Masculine’s capacity to hold! It’s dependent upon the strength of that container and its ability to unconditionally love all of “Her” expressions.

44:00 – Aspect #4 Continued – We create our realities right? So we have choice!!! This is an invitation to view your current container through a different lens. You can choose to move in response to your Divine guidance — no matter what the life situation.

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  1. Isabelle Devloo on April 5, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    I am looking forward to the two weeks rewilding retreat! Can’t wait. Thank you so much for putting this together. Your ability to create during these times amaze me.

    • Sabrina Domenosky on April 6, 2020 at 6:35 am

      Fantastic! So glad you’re joining us! We’re looking forward to it too!

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