In this episode we invite you to take a look at the current state of the world from a mystical perspective. We first take a moment to shift our awareness from that of the mental, anxious, fearful realm of the mind, back into the body and its deeper wisdom centers. From that centered place in Self, we can then access a higher perspective where we truly see, feel and know that we are simply a small part of the greater whole and an essential piece of Mother Nature.

Topics Explored in Episode 84:

  • Guided meditation for anxiety, stress, worry and fear.
  • Calming our nervous systems and emotional systems.
  • How to follow the call into Self so that we can see, feel, make decisions and act from a heart and soul-aligned place, despite what the energy around us is telling us.
  • Connecting into Mother Nature and grounding in deep and profound ways.

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Show notes…

1:00 – Honoring our time together. Setting intentions to take a mystical view so that we can see and feel things from a higher and/or deeper place. Asking our deeper wisdom centers to come back online and open up in a time when we tend to shut them down and numb out.

5:10 – Invitation into a guided practice that will help you to step out of fear, to transmute the energies that the words “pandemic”, “coronavirus”, “quarantine”, etc. bring up in us.

5:30 – 18:00 – Meditation/Practice to help move and alchemize these dense energies:
Breathing, moving, sounding, visualizing and energetically intending to magnetize and condense all the fear and anxiety you are holding in your pelvis. Wiggling and massaging it loose. Then moving it out of the body into an alchemizing element such as a purple flame. Sensing all that dense energy alchemize into pure golden love light. Following it up and allowing it to pour back into your heart center then back down into the space where that big ball of fear was. Encourage it to push even more of the fear and anxiety out into the alchemizing element, back into the heart as golden love light, then back down. Continue to follow this process in your natural rhythm and remember you can come back to this practice at anytime!

18:20 – Reminder to ask for what your highest good is in every moment! It is a tool that is always accessible to you.

20:00 – Invitation to stay in your body! To strengthen your self awareness amongst the current state of the world. Notice when you have left or are starting to leave the body. When you catch it, get back in, drop below the constant fluctuations of the mind and into the deeper wisdom centers.

20:30 – The current state of the world is a call from Mother Nature. She is asking that we connect in and be as one with her and honor her natural rhythms, the moon, the seasons, all of the cycles, even coronavirus!

22:00 – Get ready!… Zoom out and come to a place where you can take a mystical viewpoint. Allow yourself to see the current state of the world simply as one of Mother Nature’s natural cycles, a moment in time that is simply an aspect of her.

24:00 –  Tapping in to and dwelling in this mystical place enables us to feel that we are truly just a piece of her; we are not separate!  We can use this as an opportunity to start to live in tune with her and to be fully in sync with her despite what “season” it is.

27:00 – Living so connected with her is very big offering! It is a huge energetic, shamanic, Feminine way of being. It allows us to see the personal gifts she has to offer as well as those for the greater good, the grander plan!

28:15 – This is a time of service! Service for ReWilding and for you! The call of the heart and soul doesn’t stop!!! Ask yourself, what are you called to be doing or not to be doing? We have a harder time listening given the current collective climate, so we have to work harder to get to and stay in our deeper wisdom centers. However, the veils are thin, so give your soul the space to connect in!!!

32:00 – Shift just hit the fan!!! Haha! 😉 This is an opportunity for us to become deeply aware of and shift out of our defense mechanisms, shift out of the ways we numb, shift out of living primarily from the mental realm!

34:00 – Closing comments: invitation to join us in our free Facebook group where we will be going LIVE more frequently and sharing more in efforts to support us, to guide us through these wild times with as much grace and ease as possible.

If you know anyone that would benefit from this episode, please share! Share for them, share for you, share for ReWilding, share for the planet! We are ALL here to serve!

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Huge love and thank you for being a part of ReWilding!
Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team

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  1. Samantha on March 24, 2020 at 2:30 am

    Episode 84
    Thank you!!! This podcast was just what I needed to hear to be able to deep dive past the anxiety and panic body and reach my truth. It made me realise I need to up my daily practice to be a bit more hardcore so I can wade through the muck and not get attached on the way through to my soul’s essence. Literally going with the ‘flow’ of nature is something I have naturally been doing lately and this was such confirmation & assurance that I need to keep following my intuition.

    Love Love Love to you Sabrina (and team). xx

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