Free Your Authentic Sexual Expression – Episode 16

How free do you feel about your sexual expression? However free you may feel I invite you to go deeper and unlock the generations of limitation surrounding your authentic sexual expression. Trust me, it’s there!

Learn to see and safely hold space for the truth of your sexual beliefs and sexual wounds whilst breathing freedom into your authentic sexual expression.

We’re not playing around with vanilla sexual expression and better orgasms here; I invite you to dive deep with me into the subtle, often neglected parts of our sexual self. Clear out the rubble and safely express the fullness of authentic, sexual you. See how your sexuality IS who you are as a woman, is deeply connected to all aspects of your life and is the very breath of creation.

When the masks are gone, fears dissolved and social norms are cast aside you can step into complete freedom of your authentic sexual expression. Join me and the international ReWilding community in a safe space reclaiming the divine expression of your sexual self. Let’s do this!

The opportunities to connect with each other are deepening and widening as our amazing ReWilding community grows across the globe. We’d love to see you in the comments, on facebook or at an upcoming live event!

Free Your Authentic Sexual Expression – In this episode:

2.15 – Invite authentic sexual expression through the Lover Goddesses while being present to and allowing what is there
5.00 – An exercise to soften the pelvic region whilst releasing the protections that have locked it up
6.55 – Learning how to embrace your yoni as a necessary part of journeying to your authentic expression
12.10 – Gorgeous Lalita shows how pure and loving your sexuality can be, and the powerful potential to heal that lies with her
14.25 – Decoding neuronal patterns and to bring huge shifts to your orgasms, joy, bliss and aliveness of your body.
15.43 – An invitation to see your sexual truth and bring it forward from the shadows.
17.20 – Expanding sexual expression from sex and orgasms, to embracing art and other forms of sexual expression
19.05 – Remembering your first childhood thoughts of arousal as insights into your ideas of sexuality
21.05 – Just before you orgasm…tapping into the beautiful insights this energy can offer you
22.30 – The real healthy range of sexual expression and how we’re living in the limitations
24.00 – Understanding polarity’s nature in the dance of attraction and freedom in our ALL-ness
29.05 – How opening up our lines gives us the freedom to dance in both the masculine and feminine with ease and grace
30.08 – Owning our cravings to be cracked open to love, bliss and joy
32.20 – How I was so cracked open I couldn’t even order room service!
34.20 – Simple exercises to help you open to your authentic sexual expression and release your individual and collective past
36.40 – How the gorgeous energies of Medusa, Lilith, Lalita, Hygeia and Venus help us clear out the rubble
40.05 – A few tips to finding your way to the right facilitator to support your body awakening
44.19 – I SEE YOU, in your full and authentic sexual expression

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