Exploring Women’s Sexuality Through Inner Archetypal Patterns

Warning:  This episode is spicy and might be a bit confrontational.  But if you can handle the heat, it’ll be an amazing opportunity to uncover your truest sexual essence.

Join us for an experiential deep dive into women’s sexuality which includes discussion around 3 very different feminine archetypes; the prostitute, the prude and the priestess.  We explore the light and dark sides of each as well as discuss these energetic patterns in comparison to the myths and signature nature of the Goddesses Aphrodite, Vesta and Lalita.  We do all of this in order to bring women into the fullness of their sexuality.

Enjoy the show!

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In this episode

1.40 – Mindfulness practice

4.00 – Meditation with Shakti, life force, sex energy

7.50 – Positive aspects of the Prostitute

8.30 – How are some women able to magnetize men?

9.10 – Positive aspects of the Prude

9.33 – Vesta – Goddess of Containment, home, hearth and sacred fire

9.45 – What is an archetype?

10.05 – What can archetypes or goddesses do for you?

11.53 – Are you a Vesta woman?

12.20 – ReWilding Practice – Journal question to help uncover your sexual nature

13.45 – Priestess – Divine expression of women’s sexuality

13.55 – Shadow aspects of the Prostitute

14.00 – Aphrodite – Goddess of love, sex, beauty, pleasure

15.25 – Shadow aspects of Aphrodite

17.28 – Shadow aspects of the Prude

17.40 – “I’m not safe.” Fear causes some women to shut off their sexual nature

18.56 – Who is the Priestess?

19.17 – Lalita – an example of Priestess

20.06 – What is the divine expression of our sex energy?

20.30 – The divine expression of sex energy

21.00 – Sabrina cries

23.12 – Meditation invoking Lalita

Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis

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