I’m a Witch, You’re a Witch. Now Let’s Open to the Gifts – Episode 54

What comes up for you when you think of the word “witch”? Are you able to accept this thread within yourself? Are you able to embrace and own this term? And, if you have, how do you open to the ‘witch gifts’ that are uniquely yours to express?

In today’s episode, we discuss the term “witch” and what’s required to de-rubble any fear, open up to our magic, and express our gifts in the most authentic way possible.

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Opening to Our “Witch Gifts” – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.30: Introduction to Today’s Topic
2.45: Invitation to Fully Drop In
6.05: Letting Go of Attachment to the Logical Mind
6.25: Opening Circle
7.00: Opening Up Conversation Around the Word “Witch” and Honoring What Comes Up
10.49: Owning the Term “Witch”
13.13: Gifts Opening Up When Ready
14.55: What Is Hard for You to Stand In?
17.10: Dampening the Gifts When We Can’t Fully Own Them
21.50: Experiencing Magic
23.30: Scratching the Surface of the Capability of Human Beings
27.40: Magic, Mystery, and Ego Defenses
28.50: Hidden Magic (Until We’re Ready to See It)
30.00: Magic Sharing: Safe Witnesses and Discernment
33.30: Speaking When We See It In Others
36.35: Nurturing and Loving Your Magic at the Pace it Comes
38.40: Doing the Work to Clear the Way
44.50: Asking Yourself How Life Force Wants to Express Itself Through You
46.12: Q and A – Are There Any Online ReWilding Mystery Schools?
48.48: Q and A – What Do You Do When You Feel Traumatized by the De-rubbling Work?
53.30: Q and A – Where Do We Start?
55.00: Q and A – Do We Have to “Come Out of the Closet” In Every Day Life to Embody Our Gifts?
59.15: Q and A – How Do We Shift Out of Resistance?
1.03.00: Gratitude and Closing Comments

Artist Credit: From Miranda Adria: The Archive Verwandlung Photomanipulation March 29th, 2007


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