Staying Authentic & True to Self in Relationship – Episode 59

Forming and sustaining relationships with others is one of our greatest opportunities for growth, soul expression and wisdom. As we are all interconnected, we are also consistently co-creating the desires of our soul that require more than one person to carry them out. But how do we know if what we are energetically being asked to do in a relationship is in our highest good?

In today’s episode, we discuss how to stay authentic in relationships. We consider ways in which we are either magnetizing others or being magnetized for the purpose of soul expression, discuss strengthening soul stamina to bring everything in your life into alignment, and emphasize that despite sometimes taking longer, windier roads, we are never not on the path and the experience is never wasted.

ReWilding For Women is a unique set of practices that draws from tantra, shamanism, astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, and personal inquiry. ReWilding practices peel back inauthentic layers we may have absorbed and assist us in awakening to the fullness of self.

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Huge love to you and thank you for being here!
Sabrina Lynn

Full length audio version

Staying True to Self – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

0.30: Introduction to Today’s Topic
3.40: Stepping into Circle
6.45: ‘I See You’ Practice
9.45: Feeling into Self v. Others, Boundaries, and Balancing Deep, Intimate Union with Another While Maintaining Authenticity
11.11: We Are All So Interconnected that it’s Actually Impossible to Lose Oneself
15.30: We All Come into Life with Different Soul Purposes and Soul Expressions
17.35: Sometimes What Our Souls Are Asking to Experience Requires Another or Others
20.15: Co-Creation as Soul Expression
22.15: We’re Constantly Being Magnetized and Magnetizing Others
26.30: We’re Always on the Path, but Sometimes We Take Long, Curvy Roads
28.15: Experience Is Never Wasted
32.50: When You Start Strengthening Soul Stamina, Everything Begins to Come into Alignment
36.00: Deep Wisdom Knows when it’s Healthy and in Highest Good to Embody a Certain Archetype and When it’s Not
38.50: Life Is the Cauldron
40.20: Astrology Newsletter Updates
41.10: Mystery School and Event Updates
42.10: Q and A – What Do You Do When Someone You Love is Calling You in to Be Kali, but on the Human Level, they Are Running Away?
45.10: Q and A – What Does an Aligned Kali Look Like When She’s Coming Down with a Clean Sword in Relationships?
47.35: Gratitude and Closing Comments

Artist Credit: HeartySpades on DeviantArt