Soul Stamina: What is it? How Do You Cultivate it? – Episode 61

In a way, soul stamina is the ability for one to commit to living fully and authentically true to one’s self. When we begin living this way we shift how we interact with life in order to make this our new reality. To live this way, to live from the soul, requires a complete rewiring of our internal and external systems.

In today’s episode, we talk about the necessity of building soul stamina, what this means, and how to go about doing it. We delve into specific practices that support the restructuring of self and getting “little self” out of the way in order for deep growth to happen.

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Soul Stamina – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

0.30: Introduction to Today’s Topic
2.20: Soul Stamina: Building the Muscles That Support the Soul
3.15: Coming Further Into Alignment With the Divine
6.20: How Does the Divine Want to Express Itself Through Me?
8.33: Allowing ‘Little Self’ to Get Out of the Way
10.45: Honoring Exactly Where You Are on Your Path
11.30: Surrounding Yourself With Soul-Supportive People and Things
15.50: Having a Place to Go When You Need Rest and Nourishment
17.30: Finding a Way to Make YOUR Time Joyful
19.20: Exploring Different Paths and Traditions
22.22: Carving Out Time to Detach From the External World
24.30: Balancing Structure and Flexibility – Masculinity and Femininity Within Your Practice
27.50: Letting Go To Live From Higher Realms of the Soul
30.00: Soul Knows Best, Always
33.45: Feel It, Trust It, Act
35.45: Self-Trust Gets Built by Fulfilling Every Promise To Self
37.30: Just Because It’s Right, Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy
41.20: When You’re In Alignment, You’re Serving the Highest Good of Everyone
44.00: Big, Exciting Changes Coming to ReWilding
45.05: Gratitude and Closing Comments

Artist Credit: Danny O’Connor, Musetouch


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