RW 7 – Your Relationship to the Masculine

A fully empowered woman is deeply aware of her inner most thoughts and feelings toward the masculine. She’s worked to heal the distrust, the fear, the rage and the grief she’s held for the betrayal and the mistreatment of the feminine, not just in this life but in the collective energy that runs through her system and in the ancestral blood that courses through her veins.

She’s worked hard and it shows. She’s changed every aspect of her life; her love life, her deepest purpose, her ability to manifest in this world, her sensuality, her love, her receptivity, her everything.

In this episode we go deep in order to take an introspective look at our relationship to the masculine. We’re not just looking at surface level relating, we’re looking into deep unconscious patterns and beliefs that could be holding you back from great sex, great relationship and even living your life’s purpose. Pretty big stuff!!  We talk shiva/shakti.  We talk great orgasms.  We talk manifesting.  We talk grace.  We talk divine masculine.

Relationship to the Masculine Episode:

Your Relationship to the Masculine Show Notes

2.16 – A warning about Goddess and sacred feminine practices
2.45 – Unconditional love WITH strong boundaries
3.53 – How Dark Goddess archetypes can heal your relationship to the masculine
4.50 – Seeing the divinity in the masculine
6.1o – Questions to understand your relationship to the masculine
7.05 – Healthy masculine power and force
7.44 – Sabrina’s short rant about the term ‘Conscious Man’
8.30 – Working through the energetic imprints of persecution and betrayal by the masculine
9.42 – The balance of  your inner masculine and feminine relationship
10.20 – How your relationship to the masculine effects your manifesting abilities
11.46 – Serving feminine wisdom and intuition
13.16 – Practice: Reflection questions to learn more about your relationship to the masculine
13.21 – Simple feminine practices to get into a meditative state
14.15 – Do I trust the masculine?
16.39 – Masculine and feminine spiritual energy (Shiva and Shakti) (Mother earth and Father Sky)
17.06 – How much grace can you allow in?
17.39 – Can you trust divine masculine energy to pour into your crown?
18.38 – How your relationship to the masculine will change every aspect of your life
20.10 – Invitation to our December workshop

Artwork by Aimee Stewart

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