RW 206 — October 14th Astrology: New Moon Eclipse in Libra (Solar Eclipse, South Node Eclipse, Pluto Direct)

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🌙 In this episode, all the October 14th Astrology for the New Moon Eclipse in Libra! This is a karmic South Node eclipse and a huge destined event, bringing deep inner transformation, lightning-bolt awakenings, relationship healing & an opportunity to see everything in your life from a new perspective! 💥 Get ready for the truth bombs!! Pluto has stationed direct and squares this eclipse, Mars is conjunct the South Node, Uranus is shaking things up and Persephone, Queen of the Underworld is awakening you to your inner sovereignty!

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I am in awe of the gifts that came through. This left me weeping in remembrance and gratitude for the feminine mysteries pulsing through my body. I am so excited for all of us doing the challenge and for the personal and far-reaching affects that will come from it! 💫 🔥💙 ” ~ Julie

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Topics Explored in “October 14th Astrology: New Moon Eclipse in Libra”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • The ReWilding Challenge: Empowerment & reclamation (0:00)
  • Eyes wide open! It’s a truth-bombing eclipse! (5:49)
  • Lightning bolt insights & revelations (8:50)
  • Why this upgrade energy is so intense (11:02)
  • Your inner masculine warrior brings discernment (13:17)
  • Old wounds: Heal, transmute, transcend, accept (15:01)
  • How radical self-acceptance is a game-changer (18:42)
  • Reclaiming your innate gifts (23:06)
  • Your unique blueprint: I was born for this (28:14)
  • Deep change: This is soul work! (33:11)
  • Where are you sourcing your power? (35:57)
  • Authenticity: Remove the false & be real (40:02)
  • The fierce initiation to reclaim your fullness (42:37)
  • What are you here to do? Start today! (48:19)
  • Healing words & dissolving karmic cords (50:55)

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