Finding information and support about kundalini awakening from a love-filled, honest place seems like a hard task when so much out there is fear-based.

In this episode we debunk the outrageous myths and fears around kundalini and provide you with quality information and support. Dive into the symptoms of kundalini awakening including  energy pulsing through the body, ecstatic or expanded states, sexual awakenings, heart openings and many other signs of kundalini awakening.  We also explore the kundalini awakening process and what you can do to best support this unfolding within.

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Kundalini Awakening; Signs, Symptoms & Support – in this episode

2.50 – Societal norms around how we express and distort the word ‘kundalini’
6.10 – What the heck is kundalini? Is it really as scary as it’s made out to be?
8.45 – How kundalini fuels everything you do; taking you further, faster into the fullness of love
10.00 – The interchanging terms we use to express our own relationship with God, Shakti, the divine
11.30 – Frameworks of communicating allow us to transcend gender when we talk about kundalini
13.13 – The highest body wisdom is kundalini and is alive in you already
15.40 – Explore the very personal signs of kundalini awakening
17.40 – How kundalini awakening can occur with or without a spiritual teacher or specific practice
20.00 – Debunking the myths of kundalini awakening. There isn’t only one way
25.00 – I’m awakening. Now what?
28.30 – Surrendering the limitations blocking you from coming into your fullness
31.00 – What support to look for in journeying your path of awakening
32.20 – Looking out for the ego in self and others and sensing the purity of intention
35.08 – A beautiful and powerful Shiva practice of witnessing
36.18 – Breathe and holding space as powerful supports for awakening
39.00 – Kundalini and the divine feminine is HERE and available to all of us, NOW

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