Where’s the AUTHENTIC Celebration of Woman Today?

Where’s the AUTHENTIC Celebration of Woman Today?

It’s International Women’s Day and so much of what’s out there feels like a disgrace and a misrepresentation of what today is all about.

Companies jumping on board in an effort to make more sales. Politicians with agendas to get more votes. Individuals throwing on the “I support woman” badge in an effort to look good.


Today is about honoring woman and the authentic feminine nature that she is.


She’s a million different things … she’s mother, lover, warrior, sister, aunty, grandmother. She’s fierce, loving, kind, wild, ferocious, protective, soft, mystical, strong and yet gentle at the same time.

She feels deeply, knows intuitively and is connected to the all of everything.

Her wisdom reaches far beyond her 5 senses and her logical mind.

And deep down her life is never lived simply for herself; her heart is far too big for that and her connection to the whole of everything is far too deep for that. She has, after all, given birth to and mothered every single human being on this planet for all of eternity.


It’s time.

It’s time we stop devaluing our innate feminine essence and start embracing it for the gift it is.

It’s time we embrace our emotions for the gifts they are. Those tears that come or the roar that bubbles up at what may seem like ‘nothing’ isn’t nothing. It’s something and it’s important. Let’s allow it to move through us!

It’s time we embrace our natural cycles for the gifts they are. Your monthly bleed is a gift. Menopause is a gift. Our transition from Maiden to Mother to Crone is a gift. We are cyclical, we are connected, we are deeply intertwined with mother nature herself. Let’s celebrate this!

It’s time we embrace our ability to shift and change so spontaneously for the gift it is. We are permeable, mutable and forever flowing with life-force itself, which is truly in constant flux. Let’s give ourselves the freedom to change our minds and allow the knowings to come, the shifts to take place and the change to simply be!


Let’s celebrate our hearts and the depth at which they yearn to connect to someone or something in order to give and receive love.

Let’s celebrate our wombs for their creative, life-giving, nurturing abilities of not just human children but all creations we are called to birth.

Finally, let’s feel into the depths of our own feminine and ask how SHE would like to celebrate woman today!

And then whatever insights arise, no matter how irrational, how illogical, or how silly they may seem to our masculine-trained minds… let’s trust it, honor it and act on it.

THAT is authentic celebration of woman!

With so much love
Sabrina Lynn

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Photo Credit: Vince Hemingson