RW 19 – How to Get the Most Out of Eclipse Astrology

Special ReWilding Eclipse Workshop

In this episode we don’t just talk about the August 21 2017 eclipse astrology, we energetically open to it.

The August 2017 eclipse holds enormous potential for personal transformation, sexual healing, spiritual awakenings and profound revelations of deeper soul purposes. The more consciously we can walk into this brilliant event the more we’ll get out of it.

This is a special ReWilding episode – it was recorded as a LIVE workshop for our members.  The aim was to open the door to the prominent themes of the August 21 2017 eclipse.

In this workshop we energetically open the door to the August 21, 2017 Eclipse Astrology by diving into:

  • Authentic soul purposes and future visions
  • Sexual healing and awakenings
  • Reclaiming the Dark Goddess
  • Opening to the Wild Woman Archetype
  • Leaning into the purity of divine masculine energy in order to heal deep feminine wounds
  • Releasing old ancestral patterning that holds us back

If you’re looking to dive deep into the practices and energies we explore have a look at our online workshops and retreats on our online programs page.

August 21 2017 Eclipse Astrology – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version, we’ve shorted the video version by taking out the opening meditation practices.)

3.08: Setting your intention for circle (ReWilding practice #1)
5.32: Opening to circle, creating sacred space (ReWilding practice #2)
7.00: Tips for getting the most out of this eclipse workshop
7.30: Getting present and coming into self (ReWilding practice #3)
13.05: Significance of astrology in eclipses
17.30: Bringing us to deeper truths within self and connecting with archetypes
18.16: The Divine Masculine’s unconditional love and ability to create a safe container
22.29: How to open to the Divine Masculine (ReWilding practice #4 – #7)
26.29: Persephone, Dark Goddess Archetype, Queen of the Underworld
28.00: Opening to the Dark Goddess – awakening shakti (ReWilding practice #8)
30.53: Healing sexual wounds through archetypal practices
31.40: More to sexual healing and awakening than meets the eye
35.50: Sexual purity that’s possible when working with the Divine Masculine
39.37: Journal questions to help open your soul purpose (ReWilding practice #9)
43.50: Opening up to soul purposes through the eclipse energy (ReWilding practice #10)

“Illustration from the cover of Dear Old Dixie Moon songbook c. 1920 ”


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