Creating a New Life — Feminine Wisdom Principles and Archetypes that Support — Episode 88

So many of us are feeling into the potential that this moment in time holds — the possibility for change, for transformation, for the new… in both our own lives and in the world around us.

With this potential comes the invitation for each of us to step into what “the new” is for us… to do the work required to let go of the old ways of being, thinking and doing so that we can conceive and create the new.

Some of us have started doing this and we bow deeply to that.

We also know that some of us get the sense that there’s more to do… more to let go, more to awaken, more to embody and more to bring forth into this world.

This is exactly what this podcast and our upcoming “Birthing a New World” online retreat are about! They’re both avenues to help you step further and further into what we’re uniquely being called to let go of, to awaken to, to embody and to bring forth into our lives and thus into the world as a whole.

If you’re interested in journeying deeper with us, check out our Online Retreat — Birthing a New World.

Topics Explored in Episode 88

  • Working together in the unseen realms and the unfathomable amount of potential that’s there, given the current state of our lives and the world we live in. 
  • Medicine Woman and Earth Mother (Hecate and Gaia) as two archetypal energies that support us through times of transition, change and creation of the new.
  • How to move into a divinely inspired, love-filled space within yourself! 
  • Feeling into your current, inner relationship with the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within you and the importance of working with their Divine Union in order to manifest the love-filled, heart and soul-aligned creation that Shakti is gifting us with!

Full video episode here…

Show notes… 

0:00 – Our new Online Retreat “Birthing a New World” is an experiential journey that will take us far deeper into the experiences we talk about here on the podcast, into the practices that open us to the untapped potential that the body and that Shakti can offer our lives.

3:39 – Feminine wisdom is still scary to most people. Theoretically, this is because of the container, the societal norms, the value system of the world we live in, and our tribe mentality.

6:45 – Working with Shakti, accessing Her creative, vital, life force energy requires us to move past the mental realm and go into the deeper wisdom centers of the body. To experience Her, to embody Her so that the gnosis can take place, means we can begin to live our everyday lives through divinely guided expression.

13:50 – The amount of power, the amount of potentiality, the amount of creative potency that we can access is like that of a raging river! However, because most of us only operate from the heart up, we are only allowing a tiny trickle of our full power potential to flow.

17:15 – The gnosis of this work, the experiences that will take place during this retreat will remove the blocks and boulders that sit in our system so that we can more fully embody the Divine, to live love, to open up so that Soul can express through us!

20:00 – The presence of Medicine Woman and Earth Mother energy is undeniable at the moment!!!
Archetypal embodiment explanation and suggested practice: lay flat on the Earth, connect your womb into Great Mother womb, the Universal Womb.

24:00 – Many of us are feeling the potentiality of what is wanting to be conceived at this time! Our “Birthing a New World” Online Retreat will help us do this in a conscious, soul-aligned way that is in deep honor of Feminine Wisdom Principles and Archetypal Energies!

26:00 – The retreat is open to ALL no matter what gender!
*PLEASE NOTE: Since the recording of this podcast, it has become clear that the inclusion of all genders is extremely important to the energetics of this specific retreat. Therefore, we have extended an open invitation into our private retreat Facebook group to ALL who commit to retreat during its launch period, regardless of gender identification.

28:00 – We feel a massive potentiality behind the energetic ripple effect that can take place if as many of us as possible step into the creation of the “New World” in a Heart and Soul aligned place, from a place where we can allow Shakti to dance and flow through us and out into the world in the way She wants to!

32:30 – Introduction to Hecate and how Archetypal energy works:
Opening to Archetypal Energy is available to all, it’s simply a matter of opening that channel and turning it on! When we do this, that “flavor” of Shakti will flow through you in a way specific to your unique soul gifts.
Hecate is Midwife of the Soul, Doula of Death, Queen of the Witches, Oracle. You can go to our Blog Page and use the search menu if you’re called to learn more and feel deeper into Hecate.

35:00 – Working with Shakti will drastically change your ability to create and manifest out into the world! In this retreat, we will be working with Hecate and Earth Mother. Doing this will allow their energies to weave and dance together in order to support the incubation and the birthing of the new.

37:00 – Divine Union is so incredibly important when we are working with manifesting our creations! The Divine Masculine and Feminine need to be in balance within us! They need to hold each other in high honor and deep reverence.  Trusting and valuing the core principles of each are required.

41:00 – Let’s do it! Let’s Birth a New World!!! Final invitation to join us for the launch of “Birthing a New World Online Retreat” All the details can be found on the Retreat Information page HERE


“Birthing a New World” online retreat offer here…