We’re in a Life Workshop — Episode 87

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting to do the next “workshop”, or we get stuck on all the ways “life sucks”, when in actuality life is delivering you a silver platter of experiences that will allow for a greater stride on your evolutionary path if you can consciously move through them! Situations that have been divinely designed and that your Soul is longing for! It is up to you to expand your awareness and take a higher perspective so you can see everything that is splayed out in front of you for the gifts that they are, no matter how uncomfortable they feel.

Topics Explored in Episode 87:

  • The gift of viewing your life’s current situation from a high mystical perspective.
  • The embodiment that is required when walking this path, especially when invoking Mystical energies.
  • The benefits of becoming hyper conscious when moving through times of intense transformation.
  • 3 Questions to help you gain insight into what gifts are currently being delivered to you, despite how uncomfortable your situation is in the midst of Coronavirus.


Full video episode here…


Show notes… 

0:00 – The intention of this episode is to get us to take a high, mystical perspective of our own life. To open the door to the unconscious places, the places beyond the mental realm, so we can let go of the things that are blocking us from taking the next step on our individual evolutionary path.

2:00 – Explanation of what we mean by “life as a workshop”. Life is constantly presenting us with exactly what we need in order to heal, in order to clear our karma. To move through the things that our soul has come into this life to experience, for its evolution!

4:45 – Setting intentions: invitation to make this episode very personal. This is an opportunity to peel away from all the collective energy we are feeling and deepen into your own unique experience. Remember, when we honor ourselves first we truly are acting in the highest good of all!

12:20 – For a moment can you take on the perspective that our current individual experience, amidst the current state of the world, is part of the intricately woven perfection that makes up our individual evolutionary path?

14:00 – The gnosis that is this path, the inner wiring, the deep knowing in our bones. It comes with personal experience, they drop in and rewire the whole of your system.  This Feminine awakening path is about embodying the Divine, witnessing it and dancing with it in everything!

25:00 – Do not deny the magic of the cocoon! The more conscious we are of this process the more we can surrender and allow for the “mutilation” of what life was as a caterpillar, the greater the transformation will be! The fuller your wings will be! The greater the heart and soul alignment will be once its cycle is complete!

28:00 – 3 questions to help you bring light to the shadows:
1 – What are you holding onto or grasping for what was based on the past, but that is no longer valid?
Do not get stuck in the mind. Go beyond, go deep into the energetics of the body, the womb, the guts. Was there something you were creating that will never come to be?
2 – Where are you being asked to change the way you think, or prioritize things?
Is there a new order of priority? Is it family, health, spirituality? Then ask yourself: where you are questioning that shift? What comes up that makes you hesitate?
3 – If a High Mystic were to take the bird’s-eye view of your life, what would they say the gift is in this moment?
If you don’t know where to start, call in the Mystic. Ask them to make it so obvious that there is no way you can miss it! Ask, “Let me see”, “Help me to get out of my unconscious patterns”, “Help me to get the most out of this”, “Be my guide.”

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*The ReWilding for Women Facebook group where this was recorded has been dissolved as the organization continues to evolve and adapt to best serve the moment. 


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