ReWilding’s 2018 Astrology Forecast – Episode 31

This episode is ReWilding’s 2018 Astrology Forecast, where we discover:

– themes and archetypal energies for January 2018
– what this means in our personal journeys with the divine feminine
– ReWilding practices for aligning with these energies to access your depths
We dive deep into the myths and gifts of Hekate, Lillith, Parvati, Juno, Kali, Hygeia, and Ceres. We also explore how their current astrological positioning supports our healing and future visioning. If you’re ready for deep transformation in 2018, this episode will get you on the path!

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ReWilding’s 2018 Astrology Forecast – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.18: Introducing the topic – honoring 2017 and looking into 2018
7.21: Opening circle – opening to Wise Woman within
11.35: ‘I See You’ ReWilding practice
13.40: Theme #1 – Hekate, Moon, and Lillith
15.08: The gift of Hekate – opening to your feminine gifts
17.04: The gift of Lillith – feminine equality
18.15: 3 phases of Lillith
21.43: How to recognize distorted vs. healthy expressions of Lillith
24.57: Parvati & Juno – goddesses of sacred marriage
26.13: Adding Kali to the mix – the great awakener
28.25: Awakening to the full potential of relationship
29.21: The magic of Hygeia – healing, opening, awakening
32.25: ReWilding Practice #1 – Going DEEP into identifying what holds you back
35.13: ReWilding Practice #2 – Exploring your relationship to the masculine
38.40: Bringing it all together
41.24: How to get in on the monthly astrology report
42.18: North Node – Future visions & soul purpose
42.45: The gift of Ceres – growing the seeds
46.31: ReWilding Practice #3 – How does your soul want to express?
48.53: Live Q&A – Sabrina’s perspective on twin flames
51.17: Invitation to Inner Circle
52.05: Closing the circle


Art Credit: Josephine Wall

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