5 Aspects of Mary Magdalene’s Magic – Episode 29

In this episode we go beyond the story of Mary Magdalene to discover the 5 aspects of her magic and how she can help us:

– release body shame and resistance to fully embracing our womanhood
– heal patriarchal wounds 
– open to the gifts of sacred sexuality
– understand and shift our relationship with death and dying
– experience wholeness and fully express all aspects of divine feminine and masculine within
In this episode we explore the power and potency of Priestess Magic, Shamanic Magic and Sexual Magic (yum!) and how to work with Mary Magdalene to access these deeper parts of self.

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5 Aspects of Mary Magdalene’s Magic – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.35: Introducing the topic – 5 Aspects of Mary Magdalene’s Magic
4.09: Opening circle – the energy of Mary Magdalene
6.49: ReWilding practice  #1 – breathing and visualizing to connect with Mary Magdalene
9.12: ‘I See You’ ReWilding practice
11.19: Current astrology
13.20: Experiencing the Magic of Mary Magdalene
15.13: Aspect #1 – Priestess Magic
15.49: Rights of passage – healing body shame and honoring womanhood
17.45: What’s blocking you from your feminine wisdom and magic?
19.37: Aspect #2 – The Divine Union
20.45: Healing patriarchal wounds and our relationship to the masculine
22.17: Aspect #3 – Sacred Sex (aka Sex Magic)
22.41: Opening to the gifts of your sacred sexuality
23.47: Understanding the power and potency of sacred sexuality
24.57: Aspect #4 – Dealing with Partner Loss
25.31: Understanding death as a shift in energetic form (Shamanic Magic)
27.42: Aspect #5 – Whole Unto Herself
28.08: Embodying and expressing all threads of masculine and feminine
29.18: Aspect #6 (Bonus!) – From Whore to Saint
30.07: Shifting societal perspectives of the feminine
32.22: Opening the door to the work – where are we deeming the feminine aspect as shameful, not equal, not valued, not valid?
33.58: Invitation to Inner Circle and how to get more practices of Mary Magdalene


Art credit “Heart of Mary Magdalene” by Linzy Arnott

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