4 Hidden Exercises to Find Your Authentic Self – A Shakti Infused Approach – Episode 28

“How do you find your authentic self?”  That’s a very common question in women’s circles around the globe. In this episode of ReWilding we dive into 4 powerful Shakti infused exercises that help a woman to find her deepest, fullest and most authentic expression of self as well as her deepest, fullest, most authentic expression of her soul’s purpose.

We do this through a variety of practices but one powerful one is by opening to the unique Shakti held in the archetypal energy of the Goddess Vesta.  YUM!!

In the second half of this episode we explore the shift taking place around the healing of the Divine Masculine and what that means for us as women coming into our fully empowered authentic selves.

Potent and juicy with A LOT of practices and exercises for diving in deep!!  Enjoy:-)

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Find Your Authentic Self – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

Part 1 – Exercises to Find your Authentic Self

4.00: Opening circle
5.20: Coming into self
7.42: An example of a woman expressing warrior woman, fierce feminine and sacred outrage
9.00: Finding the sacred, hidden and protected part of self
9.15: Visualisation of the Sacred Inner Flame within – Find Your Authentic Self Exercise#1
12.30: Where your soul gifts and purposes are held
14.00: Honoring what you’ve had to do to keep your inner flame lit
16.44: Write the letter – Find Your Authentic Self Exercise #2
19.30: The duality of defence mechanisms
20.10: Some of the defence mechanisms are still keeping your mission safe!
21.10: Getting beyond the limitations of the mind and knowing it in your bones
21.45: Who is the Goddess Vesta and what does she hold for you?
22.10: Vesta transmission – Find Your Authentic Self Exercise #3
22:30: Vesta – keeper of the inner flame – her unique Shakti
26:00: Vesta practice with the candle – Find Your Authentic Self Exercise #4

Part 2 – Divine Masculine

28.50: The collective shift around the evolution and healing of the Divine Masculine
33.20: We CAN’T just work with the divine feminine within!
34.35: The difference between women’s circles and men’s work
34.55: We love John Wineland you can find more on his men’s work here
36.30: Honoring that which we long for
48.00: Coming into authentic fullness is to open to BOTH the masculine and feminine within
49.50: Upcoming opportunities to ReWild

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