Embracing the Divine Masculine Within – Episode 25

Embracing the Divine Masculine within is not an easy task. In this fiery episode we open to the energy of the Divine Masculine through an introduction to some of his faces – Mars, Eros, Saturn – and we uncover some of the ways our own Divine Masculine energy is presenting itself in order to be de-rubbled, opened and embraced.

We dive deeper to see things we have not seen before – the insights, initiations, awakenings, and release available – with regard to our connection to the Divine Masculine. We discuss how honoring our own Divine Masculine, and the union of this with Sacred Feminine, can support us in manifesting the life, health, and relationships we truly desire. And we explore practices to support the de-rubbling of our Divine Masculine energy in order to bring it into sacred union with our Divine Feminine.

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Our apologies but there is no video recording of this episode.

Embracing the Divine Masculine – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

3:49: Introducing the topic – Divine Masculine
6:04: Physical signs representing the need heal our relationship to Divine Masculine
9:48: Current astrology
11:11: Analogy for understanding masculine and feminine
13:30: How embracing the Divine Masculine within is relevant in your everyday life and how fear holds us back
18:36: Invitation to Inner Circle
19:37: Practice #1 – connecting to Mars, God of War
20:54: Practice #2 – connecting to Eros, God of Love
21:44: Practice #3 – connecting to Saturn, Father Time
24:34: How rage and contempt for distorted expressions of masculine energy (patriarchy) keep you from your fullest life, your fullest relationships, your fullest power
27:56: Practice #4 – finding an expression of Divine Masculine you can love
28:49: What happens when you shift your relationship to your own Divine Masculine
29:37: Practice #5 – honoring your emotions
30:30: What is Tantra and what’s required for accessing this energy
35:11: How the rubble of your Divine Masculine is interfering with manifesting the life, health, and relationships you desire
38:10: Your personal takeaways
38:55: Upcoming opportunities to ReWild

Artwork by Dennis Potokar

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