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Dear Woman

I have a feeling someone you know may have mentioned ReWilding, or you stumbled upon one of our videos, articles or podcasts online. Whatever path led you here, I’m really glad you took it!

This short overview of our site will help you find resources and supports for your big, beautiful, wild path to awakening to your allness!

Want To Know More About ReWilding?

ReWilding for Women is an awakening path with depth, height and a whole lotta heart! We work with powerful feminine wisdom practices that take us past our rational minds, past our egos and into the deepest parts of ourselves - where our true gifts lie. Check out the free workshop below!

If you want to learn more, or are curious about my background or where ReWilding came from, you can get the full scoop on our about page.

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In this free online workshop, we’ll use shamanic, tantric and and feminine wisdom practices to access deeper parts of self, allowing you to step more fully into your power & sensuality as a woman!

PLUS, in a few days, we’ll also send you an experiential video series on the 6 Faces of the Feminine; Mother, Lover, Warrior, Medicine Woman, Dark Goddess and Mystic.

What Women Are Saying About Rewilding

ReWilding is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shake down.


I went to a three hour ‘workshop’ that changed my life.


ReWilding is your chance to open up to be YOU! It’s about coming home.