By Kelly Hart, ReWilding For Women

Last week, I received a unique assignment: Write an article about yoni steaming.

While I knew what yoni steaming was, there was a bit of mystery surrounding it. How exactly do you do it? Where? How will it feel?

A sense of excitement came over me. I mean, my yoni and I are pals, but I so rarely take the opportunity to truly connect with her, to honor her.

I consulted my moon calendar and selected a date one week before my period, based on its reported benefits for PMS. I was definitely open to a good steam helping with that! I approached the experience with ultimate curiousity and an open mind and heart.

In fact, I found the whole concept invigorating. What should I wear? I felt like I should dress up! Almost as if I was going on a date – except I liked my chances of being satisfied;)

On the big day, I opened my Yoni Brew from Elise (one of the ReWilding elders in Australia). I watched her Yoni Steaming video and began the preparations. I approached every part of it as sacred ceremony, with immense gratitude – from the selection of the bowl, to the boiling of the water, to connecting with the herbs and the sensation of them in my hand.

I set up near my altar. I lit my candle from the Australian ReWilding sisters (shout out!), made my offerings, and selected some music. I opted for a neutral, grounding, earthy song (‘Sweetness of the Earth’ by Anugama), partially because it’s 28 minutes long and I didn’t want the song ending to dictate how long I steamed (the recommendation is 20 minutes).

There are 2 suggested positions for steaming. I chose to kneel, supported on all sides by pillows, to trap the steam. Per Elise’s guidance (in the video), I placed a towel over my legs to create more of a vortex for the steam. I took a deep breath and placed the bowl underneath my vagina.

The sensation of the steam rising was so nourishing!! I breathed deeply. It was so easy to connect with – and visualize – the steam entering through my sacred opening, rising up my spine and through the chakras in a snakelike motion. I moved with the music. I continued to breathe slowly and deeply.

It was so cleansing! I could feel myself opening more, awakening more. I felt vulnerable. I felt beautiful. I placed a hand on my womb and tuned into the change in sensations throughout my body. There was an indescribable sweetness.

I thought of past lovers.

I released what didn’t belong.

I forgave myself.

I infused absolute love.

I continued to breathe.

I felt an incredible sense of reverence. I felt deeply connected to my womanhood. It all made sense. It all felt right. I mean, of course we should be honoring our sacred opening! How had we lost touch with ourselves?

Yoni steaming is an ancient ritual that has healed generations and continues to nourish thousands of women around the world. What were their stories? What were their wounds? The sense of connection I felt to that was real. I took a moment to honor those sisters before me.

When I felt the steam had run its course, I expressed gratitude and took a few moments to awkwardly stand up. My knees took a minute to assimilate their new position, but my entire body felt alive and amazing! I took a long, hot shower and continued to nourish myself after.


After experiencing the magic of the yoni steam for myself, I researched the plethora of possible benefits:

physically cleanses the vaginal area – aids in reproductive functioning – aids in circulation

regulates cycles – decreases menstrual flow – relieves menopausal symptoms

reduces the discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with the moon cycle

treats chronic vaginal/yeast infections – maintains a healthy pH

treats fibroids, cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse – speeds the healing process after birth

alleviates abdominal pain – helps hemorrhoids – improves fluid retention – builds self-esteem

I have no doubt there is magic in the herbs. My PMS seemed more temperate than usual. To be fair, I didn’t really notice. All week I felt juicy, open and alive! Some of the benefits listed above would be easier to prove than others, like pH or infection. For me, the real magic came from the ritual… from allowing myself to feel vulnerable, and beautiful… from the nourishment of Self… and the connection I felt with the depths of myself as a woman.


For more information, please check out Elise’s website, Yoni Steaming Guide, and FB page.



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