RW 165 – Work with the Dark Goddess (Beginners Guide): Goddess Activations for KALI, LILITH & PERSEPHONE

What does it mean to work with the Goddess… and more specifically… what does it mean to work with the Dark Goddess? How do you do it? Where do you start? And if you have started, how do you continue? This episode was recorded live on YouTube. It answers the most frequently asked questions on working with the Dark Goddess archetype as an aspect of the Divine Feminine.

In the episode you’ll receive goddess activations for Kali, Lilith & Persephone. You’ll also hear Sabrina answer questions from the ReWilding community on shame, projections, boundaries, and the gifts in embodying the Divine Feminine in your everyday life! It takes strength and soul stamina to stand in the fullness of feminine expression. Working with the Dark Goddess is one of the fastest ways to get there! 🖤🔥🖤


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Topics Explored in “Work with the Dark Goddess“:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • The feminine aspect of God (5:01)
  • Shakti. The energy of the Divine Feminine (10:30)
  • Embodiment. Bringing the divine into daily life (15:55)
  • Breathe into your body and feel your soul essence (23:27)
  • What are you craving, longing for? (27:24)
  • Gifts of the Dark Goddess (31:27)
  • There’s no wound she can’t bring healing to (36:50)
  • How to work with the Dark Goddess (41:56)
  • Ways the Divine Feminine has been suppressed (46:49)
  • Activation of Dark Goddess Lilith (54:19)
  • Activation of Dark Goddess Persephone (1:01:07)
  • Activation of Dark Goddess Kali (1:08:07)
  • Q&A: Shame, projections, boundaries, strength, soul stamina (1:13:07)

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