ReWilding 1-Day Workshop

Opening to the Sacred Union Within


Awaken.  Embody.  Reclaim.

13 October 2019  | Sydney, Australia

Your Invitation... WATCH FIRST!

A day of RECLAIMING, REWILDING & RECONNECTING to the Most Empowering Aspects Within Self!

  • Open to your ecstatic wild woman nature!
  • Step into the heart-aligned, authentic power and energy of your divine masculine!
  • Awaken to the healing power and creative potency of your divine feminine!
  • Unite the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine within!

A Journey into Ultimate Empowerment as a Woman

During this workshop we'll open to two aspects of the Sacred Feminine as well as one aspect of the Sacred Masculine within us.

Fierce Feminine/Dark Goddess – Bearer of the deepest truth and purest love

Lover/Tantrica – Keeper of deep, embodied tantric wisdom and sacred sexuality

Masculine Warrior/Protector/Lover - Teacher of heart-aligned power, action, love, and service to the feminine fullness, no matter how wild.

Stepping into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

In this deeply experiential workshop, we'll use a variety of practices from the sacred traditions of shamanism, tantra and archetypal embodiment. We’ll use ancient women's practices to get past our rational minds, past our egos and into the depths of our beings - where the real power and magic awaits.

Over the course of the day, we'll weave together meditation, energetic healing, shamanism, astrology, tantra, womb awakening, archetypal psychology, and the mind-body connection. We'll also work with powerful feminine wisdom practices to energetically invoke and commune with various archetypes (or parts of self).

Stepping into the Mysteries of the Sacred Masculine

Using the same techniques and practices we use while working in the feminine energetics, we'll then work in the masculine energetics. Masculine energy is within both men and women and by working with the masculine energy within we become stronger, more whole and understand the healthy use of power versus the misuse of power.

We'll journey through the masculine energy via the sacred embodiment of the ancient women's practices that support the innate wiring of our feminine bodies.

Sacred Union

Once we've opened to the feminine and masculine within, we’ll invite the sacred union to energetically occur. We'll encourage the feminine parts of Self to be wild, free and authentic. We'll encourage the masculine to step up and meet these powerful, sensual, wild woman aspects. It is the sacred masculine that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of the feminine. When the masculine within operates in a strong, healthy way, a woman is able to bring her dreams into reality and cement her creative endeavors into this world.

The Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within opens the door to deep, fulfilling, intimate relationships that hold passion, equality and the deepest love. The weaving, balancing and uniting of these two energies leads to ultimate healing and empowerment for a woman and her relationships.

No previous experience is necessary!  This work is open to all women who are willing to go within and experience their ultimate feminine power. 

What's possible in this workshop?

  • Reclaim your vitality and fullness as a woman
  • Clear old, unwanted thought patterns and release old habits
  • Deepen your connection with your true self
  • Experience awakenings you've only read about
  • Reclaim a sense of joy, fulfillment, and love
  • Deepen and enrich your relationships
  • Open to the kundalini process
  • Align more fully with your destiny / dharma
  • Live more fully from your heart and soul
  • Heal traumas from this life, past lives and ancestral lines
  • Awake and strengthen your sexual energy
  • Weave, balance and unite your divine masculine with your divine feminine

We know this sounds almost too good to be true but we wouldn't say these things if we haven't either experienced them in ourselves or watched them happen in other women.

The Power of Sacred Women's Circle

When women gather in sacred space, big magic happens. We come into rhythm with deep feminine wisdom. And from there, we find grace which heals and transforms as well as gives us strength to shed unwanted layers so that we can live more deeply, authentically and soulfully.

Here are a few words from our community:

My first ReWilding retreat was like opening the doors to my soul and calling her home. Every one since has been a deeper and higher exploration of parts of self I had forgotten existed, parts I had never known, and a oneness with all. Retreat offers an incredible and unique opportunity to magnify the magic of exploring this world of the soul." ~ Hanna

It’s like going on the most surprising and fulfilling adventure. Going to internal places that you imagined existed but you just didn’t know how to get there. They somehow all come together over the course of days to expose parts of self that my mind usually overrides." ~ Raelene 

ReWilding and Your Life

When we open to our fullness as women, the effects ripple out into our entire lives. Women participating in ReWilding have come into alignment with their deepest soul's purpose, healed ancestral lines, found a supportive sisterhood, opened to pleasure and bliss never experienced before, attracted amazing partners, embodied a new way of being, and found a deep spiritual connection they had previously only imagined.

This journey will transform your relationships, your connection to Self, and your life!


This Will Change Your Life.

We're dead-set on making this deep dive journey into the feminine affordable for the women who are called to it. While other events that go to these depths are typically offered at $300-$400, we're offering this workshop for only $147 AUD per person.

Dates, Times and Travel Details

Sunday 13 October 2019
10am - 5pm

Soul Symmetry Studio
Shop 2, 81-83 Argyle Street
Picton, NSW 2570

If you're looking for accommodation in Picton we recommend having a look at Airbnb, there are tons of great options to choose from. If you'd like to use public transport to get to the venue the Picton train station is on the other side of town. A short taxi or Uber ride will quickly get you to the venue. There is ample free parking within close proximity to the venue.


As a ReWilding attendee, you'll receive:

  1. Post-workshop follow-up email with workshop playlist and additional practices to support your continued unfolding.
  2. A beautiful spread of snacks and drinks during breaks.

Limited spaces available!

In order to keep this a small and intimate gathering, we've limited the number of women who can participate to 20. Our workshops and retreats often times sell out well in advance of the program date. If this workshop calls to you, please book as soon as possible in order to reserve your seat before they're gone.

How to Book

This workshop is nearly full and we don't want to overbook it. If you're a 'yes' for the workshop please send an email to our beautiful Community Manager Malea at saying, "I'm in for the October ReWilding Workshop" and she'll respond letting you know if there's space and how you can officially book in by making a bank transfer to our Aussie account.

NOTE: Tickets are non-refundable, but fully transferable. If you can't attend, send a friend, she'll thank you for it! 


Please email Elise at:


About Elise Heyward, ReWilding For Women Facilitator

Elise brings a deep wisdom that comes with extensive life experience to her spiritual work. Having been a police officer for eleven years, she gained a profound understanding of the energetics of the masculine – both within herself and within the collective. Toward the end of this career came a new chapter – one of marriage and the birth of her two children! She then shifted careers entirely and entered the world of Medicine Woman. With this, she also brought her two businesses into the world – Timeless Tea – a labor of love dedicated to a variety of healing teas, as well as Yoni Brew, a special concoction of herbs grown specifically for vaginal steaming and intended to aid in reclamation, empowerment and healing sexuality within women.

Elise has studied many different healing modalities, including Energetic Healing, Massage, Ancient Minoan Healing (Serpentine energy), ReWilding Facilitator Training, and Life Coach Studies. In addition, she has been conducting Medicine Woman ceremonies for over two years.

Having successfully journeyed through the three different terms of ReWilding for Women Mystery School, as well as completing the rigorous “gauntlet” that is ReWilding Facilitator Training, Elise now brings her unique skillset to facilitate ReWilding for Women workshops. Join her as she opens up the doorway to explore the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries within.

More of what women are saying about Elise and ReWilding

"Elise is one of the most powerful facilitators I've ever worked with. 

Her understanding of energy and how it needs to move or be channeled is like no one I've ever met. She helped me unlock and awaken so much, allowing me to access more of myself - and more joy and bliss. I'm so grateful for Elise!"

~ Kelly Hart

"If you have the opportunity to participate in any event Elise facilitates, you will be held in a safe space that provides an opportunity to go DEEP."

"She has deep reverence for our journeys. I have personally experienced her assistance in opening/accessing parts of myself. She is a loving and fierce priestess."

~ Jane Fagan

"I feel like I am peeling back layers"

"I feel like I am peeling back layers - stripping back the false, the ego - every layer of protection I have built up over a lifetime - maybe many lifetimes - and becoming who I am meant to be authentically."

~ Deni Ayre - Designer + Intuitive Artist 

"Loved, loved, loved the ReWilding Workshop!

The idea of connecting to a part of myself that is unapologetically wild and free felt very appealing. And it happened. The energy of the space that Sabrina created and held enabled me to go deep into a part of myself that has been locked and hidden away. Bringing that to the surface to acknowledge and release was incredibly profound and freeing. There’s a healthy fire in my belly now and an incredible sense of passion and drive. What a beautiful, powerful process. I’m excited for the next workshop – to explore more!"

~ Amy

"Rewilding has unlocked every element of me"

"Rewilding has unlocked every element of me, now I fully appreciate that there is darkness, there is lightness, there's a lover, a warrior, a mother, and I ... am ... a ... Goddess!!"

"This work is magical."

This work is incredibly experiential. I moved out of my head and into my body. There has never been any other work that I've ever done that has made me feel sooooo fully in my body. Nothing else! It is what I have been missing for a long, long time.”

Join us for this Deep Dive Journey into the

Mysteries of the Feminine and the Masculine! 


How to Book

This workshop is nearly full and we don't want to overbook it. If you're a 'yes' for the workshop please send an email to our beautiful Community Manager Malea at saying, "I'm in for the October ReWilding Workshop" and she'll respond letting you know if there's space and how you can officially book in by making a bank transfer to our Aussie account.