Why do all this Feminine Reclamation stuff? What happens when we do?

Why do all this feminine reclamation stuff? Really and truly! What’s the point? In this video we go straight to the heart of what truly happens when one walks the feminine path of awakening, evolving, reclaiming, remembering and rewilding.

Our community has said this is one of the best overviews we’ve ever done…

I needed to hear and watch this again in this very moment. – A.L.

Yaaaaaasss! Loved how you put this in practical words. I am never able to do it because it’s sooo much! Thank you! I will definitely share this! – A.S.

Press Play to Watch…

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*The ReWilding for Women Facebook group where this was recorded has been dissolved as the organization continues to evolve and adapt to best serve the moment. 

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