Why Only the Dark Goddess Can Unlock Your Authentic Power – Episode 15

Unlocking your full power, your soul gifts and purpose depends on accepting the journeying into the Dark Goddess. It’s a journey that can feel a little scary, shining a torch into the shadows, however the Dark Goddess awaits us with a love so transformative and vast we learn that the shadows are not the enemy but in fact a necessity.

In the holding of the deep love found through the Dark Goddess we unlock our wholeness, our fullest potential and the keys to fulfilling our heart’s purpose.

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Why the Dark Goddess Must Unlock Your Power – In this episode:

2.12 – The power of ritual drumming for women’s work, it’s uncanny ability to get us out of the monkey mind and into deeper parts of self
6.45 – Dropping into the body’s wisdom and opening up your central channel – our river of life
11.20 – Sensing your body and honouring what is arising
13.30 – Realising the generations of repressed energy in our bodies and how the Dark Goddess is perfect for releasing us
16.00 – Hecate’s gift to releasing the wound of being burnt at the stake and of shutting down our gifts
19.00 – The sense that “there’s more to me than this”
23.05 – The deep patterns of sabotage sitting in our bodies that distort our ability to see the dickheads from the Shivas
25.50 – Medusa’s gift to seeing our pain and the protection mechanisms we invent to mask it
30.20 – Welcoming the Dark Goddess as she shows her divine expression through you
32.50 – Why you need to feel the fire, go to the edge and run in the wildest of places
37.20 – Discover behind the roar, the deepest of love not found any other way

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  1. Yulia on February 24, 2018 at 1:50 am

    So so so gorgeous. Thank you.

    • kelly hart on February 26, 2018 at 8:08 pm

      Thanks Yulia! We appreciate your comments!

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