The Warrioress

Coming from a place of divinity,
the Warrioress is here to be claimed.
Deeply honouring and protecting our worldly natural rhythms
with fierce love, grace and passion.

She will not be corrupted, nor manipulated.

Standing as a tall tree, bending and moving in the blowing gale.
With the faith that what She is here for is valuable.
Whatever that may be.

Knowing that She will stand with others,
helping them plant their roots and reach upward,
with flexibility and strength,
but not the need for reward.

No matter the adversity
nor the pain that penetrates a constantly open, soft heart
in a world of despair, harsh power distortions, disappointment and greed.

Staying supple,
fueled with compassion,
and lovingly connected,
yet firm in her standing.

Present to everything NOW.
Grounded, yet connected.
Focused, yet opened to her shakti.

Let her dance…

Oh, let her protect you gently with a loving connected hug.
Let her hold you in your deepening and opening to feel it All,
with the courage to be tested and pushed into the unknown…

She kneels humbly before adversity,
allowing for insights,
opening to truth,
even if great pain is the only result.

So connected to the heart that a fire burns fiercely,
while a penetrating heaviness resides in body and mind.
She no longer relies on the breath of others to inflate her courage.
Her fire burns self-sufficiently.

She was sent to break thousands of years of brainwashing.
Her love permeates as She gently but fiercely says “No”.
She enfolds with a loving embrace.

This Warrioress is called upon now.

Can you claim her within yourself?
Can you stand in your courage as your heart breaks and fear arises?
When your knees tremble and you see hate in the eyes of another?
Can you continue to love openly, unwaveringly, grace-filled, with great fluidity?
Can you be that Warrior of Love, a beacon of light now?

written by Elise Heyward of ReWilding For Women

For more on the Warrior Goddess check out Warrior Goddess Awakening.

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Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team

artist credit Simon Goinard


  1. BarbaraCOLEMAN on June 11, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    I love this , I hope to sign up real soon for this class

    • Sabrina Domenosky on June 12, 2019 at 4:41 pm

      We hope to see you there soon Barbara!