Divine Truths: Learning to Walk the Feminine Path

Here’s a truth: we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible for the feminine. What’s possible in our bodies. What’s possible in our psyches. What’s possible in our energetic systems.

Here’s another: The majority of the world has never gone lower than their hearts. It’s like most of us are walking through this world half alive, or even 5% alive. Alive from the chin up, and the body is not even online.

In other words, the majority of the world has never accessed, never began to comprehend the amount of divine power that’s held in our bellies, in our womb spaces.

When we live only in our heads, when we forget to listen to our bodies, we are denying feminine wisdom, we are denying the divine feminine.

So we want out. We want out of our heads and into our bodies. We want to dance in our hearts and revel in our wombs. But it’s still so so hard. Recognizing that there’s a different way, a deeper way, a fuller way to live, is the first step.

The next is recognizing that everything we have learned, everything we have absorbed from society, is probably working against us. Luckily, we’ve got soul on our side.

It’s in the Air We Breathe

Shakti is scary for most people. The divine feminine, the goddess, Sofia, the full energetics of the feminine freak most people out. She’s wiley, she’s wild, she’ll turn on a dime.

And we aren’t just scared of her. We’re also terrified of ourselves, of what Shakti could release in us. We are terrified of the fullness of our sexual energy, terrified of the fullness of our creative potency, terrified to be “out of control.”

She—our potential—is scary not because of what she is, but because of the container she’s in. The container we’re in, and trying to access her from.

Think about the societal norms and value systems that are ingrained in us. Think about how we have been wired and conditioned by society from birth. It’s not our fault, it’s no one’s fault. We picked up our family’s values, our community’s values so we’d be accepted. So we’d be fed. Survival 101.

As we’ve grown, some of us have been working to embrace new value systems, to give the old systems the finger. To shake off the conditioning and find a new way.

But we’re still living in the same society. We’re still breathing the same air.

That’s not going to change any time soon. As long as we’re in this container, Shakti is hard to reach, she’s hard to find, she’s hard to understand and embody and dance with, let alone feel.

But we can, we can find her within ourselves. This deep wisdom has not been lost. It can never be lost, only buried.

But we can’t use the tools of this society to dig her out. We can’t learn the lessons of Shakti the same way we learned the conditioning of this container.

You have to experience her for yourself.

Learn to Learn, Embody the Embodiment

Here’s another truth: words will never, ever, ever be able to take you to the places that experiential practices will take you. To the places your body will take you. Ever.

The wisdom of the feminine, the gift of the feminine, the embodiment of the feminine is in the embodiment of her. You have to open your body to it, you have to experience it to experience it. You can’t think your way through the feminine path.

Because when we live exclusively in our heads, when we try to make sense of Shakti intellectually, when we insist on talking instead of doing and feeling, we are denying the divinity of our body.

We are denying the divinity of our sensations. We are denying the divinity of our sexuality. We are denying the embodied expression of the divine within us.

So there is only so much you will ever get via reading a book, via listening to a podcast, via a conversation, via a lecture. An element of the transmission will be completely lost.

Because the mind has to stay switched on to comprehend the information you’re receiving. The energy that would otherwise be used to activate womb wisdom, to activate your central channel, your soul alignment, your connection to the divine, it’s moved up into the head.

So don’t hold yourself to unachievable heights, unrealistic expectations. “Why can’t I become so expanded, so aligned, so Shakti-filled, so full of love when I’m just listening to a podcast in a car, versus when I’m in the middle of an experiential retreat?”

You’re asking your mind to take you to places only your body can go.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go

I’m not just talking about reaching out and just touching it. I’m not talking about dipping a toe into Shakti.

I’m talking about creating from Shakti, allowing her to flow through our bodies. Until we create, we embody, we live from her place, from soul place.

To me, that’s the whole feminine path. That’s the whole point for any woman or man. That’s the whole point of ReWilding for Women.

The whole point is to open up our capacity to live love, to live soul, to let soul flow through us. The whole point is to express soul in the unique way each of us are meant to.

There’s a raging river of life force, overflowing with potentiality, possibility, manifestation, power that’s available to each and every one of us. And most people have a trickling stream. A stream that’s occasionally not even flowing due to blockages, woundings, fears.

So imagine if just a few of us embodied that river. Imagine if just a few of us opened up our deeper wisdom centers. Opened up our wombs. Opened up our central channels that connect us to soul, that connect us to the depths of the feminine mysteries.

What could happen? What could happen if we came together to create from love not fear? Create from love not fear in our individual lives and in the collective? I don’t know.

But I’m holding massive space to let this ripple out into the world, to let her ripple out.

I’m holding massive space for her to dance out into the world. Out into political systems. Out into the systems and structures of the future.

Step Into Circle

Here’s a final truth: you will never, ever, ever be able to go into those deep, sacred, Shakti places outside a sacred container, outside temple space.

There’s something so profound, so mystical about temple space, about the container of sacredness that holds a person, that carries a person through a journey.

The sacred container can be physical or virtual. It just has to be solid. Some of the most profound experiences women have shared with me have happened in an online retreat, online temple space. As long as it’s solid, as long as it’s sacred.

And we’re about to create one. We’re about to create a container where we dive into the feminine mysteries, where we experience the raging river, where we dance with soul.

We’re actually going to do it. The sacred doing of it. Not just talking about it. In our new online retreat.

In the retreat Birthing a New World.

It starts April 20, 2020; enrollment is open. It will be available for as long as ReWilding is around.

I can feel the potentiality, the possibility. Maybe you can too. I can see the opportunity to create a collective from a soul place, and to let the energetic ripple effect just go.

And the more of us that go on this journey, the more of us that say “yes” to living from this soul-aligned place, to birthing a new world, to bringing in the divine feminine, to bringing in the divine union, the bigger Shakti’s ripple will be.

So if she’s singing to you, if this transformation is calling to you, I would be honored to journey with you.

I would be honored to hold that space for you. I would be honored to walk alongside you into Birthing a New World.

Both for ourselves, and beyond ourselves.

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