RW 33 – Twin Flames & Soul Mate Contracts

Twin Flames & Soul Mate Contracts is such a juicy and controversial topic! By stepping outside the box of societal constructs, we:

– deconstruct the myth of twin flames
– learn practices for de-rubbling our beliefs about “true love”
– understand twin flames from the perspective of soul purpose
– redefine what a successful relationship looks like
Using astrology, tantra, shamanic practices, and personal inquiry, we gain tools for sorting out what’s true and what’s been picked up along the way so that we can access the fullest expression of our true nature. We are wired to give and receive love – the key is to identify your unique recipe for doing this in a way that fulfills your soul’s purpose.

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Twin Flames & Soul Mate Contracts – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

5.48: Introduction to the topic – “Twin Flames & Soul Mate Contracts”
6.41: Opening circle
9.48: Twin Flames as a construct
14.54: How the Twin Flame myth causes harm
17.23: ReWilding Practice #1 – What is mine vs. what have I absorbed?
21.11: Honoring the sacred union within you
23.05:ReWilding Practice #2 – How do I fulfill both the masculine and feminine within?
24.13: Honoring and protecting your feminine nature
26.06:ReWilding Practice #3 – How much have I bought into the myth?
27.11: How the myth keeps you blind
28.38: ReWilding Practice #4 – What is my contract with this person?
29.27: Redefining “success” in relationships
30.57: ReWilding Practice #5 – Non-attachment and raw honesty
31.50: Soul Contracts – The relationship as a separate entity (relationship astrology)
33.35: Soul Contracts and your soul’s purpose (personal astrology)
35.27: Expanding your definition of love – What lights you up?
39.26: Additional resource for Soul Mate Contracts
41.00: Live Q&A – How do relationships & attractions evolve with personal growth?
44.28: Live Q&A – Does focusing on romantic love mean we’re buying into patriarchy?
46.40: The magic of archetypal work & tantric practices
48.40: Live Q&A – What if your partner is not ‘awake’ but a good partner in every other way?
51.42: Live Q&A – Can you release a karmic relationship?
54.34: Current astrology – eclipse season
57.41: Closing circle

Art credit “Another Kind Of Rhapsody” by Dorina Costras


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  1. Vivien on January 18, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Great discussion in a complex area Sabrina. Loved the bit about celebrating endings! Also believe there are potentialities in relationships that don’t always evolve.Like open ended contracts.. It’s like class one, well we did that great, class two? You know much as we love each other it’s not on the program, it was an option but one or both of us said no, not this time. Someone else will do what you need with you, someone else will do what I need with me… Love Vivien