RW 175 – THE ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES OF 2023: The Old Continues to Crumble as the New is Born (2023 Astrology)

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In this episode, all the astrological energies of 2023! The Jupiter in Aries grace bomb, Pluto moves into Aquarius, Saturn moves out of his home signs after 5 years, the Lunar Nodes shift to the Aries/Libra axis and we have Mercury & Venus retrogrades (and more)! It all adds up to a time to find what lights you up, express your unique creative genius, and uncover new ways of being in relationship!


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Topics Explored in the “The Astrological Energies of 2023” Episode:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Launch energy: It’s GO time! (3:38)
  • What really brings us fulfillment? (7:15)
  • An amazing time for insights (8:47)
  • Heart Warrior upgrade (14:03)
  • The wind is at your back (16:16)
  • Create lasting change (20:17)
  • Own your unique genius (24:21)
  • Be part of the change (28:42)
  • What gifts are you denying? (32:38)
  • The courage to express your creativity (37:26)
  • Creating relationships that work for you (39:28)
  • The Aquarian Age (41:26)

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