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RW 202 β€” September 14th Astrology: New Moon in Virgo, Mercury & Venus Direct and Uranus & Eris Disruptions

πŸŒ™ In this episode, September 14th Astrology and how to really manifest your greatest life. We’re talking New Moon in…

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2023 Podcast Thumbnails

RW 199 β€” Astrology Insights: Mercury Retrograde 2023, Full Moon in Pisces, and Virgo Season

Activate your inner Virgoan Earth Priestess in ourΒ ReWilding BODY WISDOM ACTIVATION WORKSHOP! πŸŒ• ✨ Reimagine, reassess, revise & reflect! How…

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BONUS – VIRGO NEW MOON Astrology: Feminine Restriction, Masculine Uplevelling and Purification for Both

The Virgo New Moon on August 27th, 2022 shows us where the feminine (in us all & in our world)…

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