RW 141 – Sacred Relationship: Support & Sovereignty with the Masculine & Feminine – Suzanne & Satyen Raja

What does sacred relationship take? Day-to-day and long-term? How can the Masculine support the Feminine and vice versa—without either losing their sovereignty or freedom? What is the difference between co-dependence and support that makes your partner blossom? Find out now with Satyen & Suzanne Raja of in this episode of ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn.


Topics Explored in Sacred Relationship (times based off audio version):

  • Our super accessible, new online program all about the foundations of sacred sexuality (3:55)
  • The maturing process of relationship: from being not enough, to being self reliant, to being of service (12:20)
  • The powers of both the masculine & feminine, and how to use them to support the evolution of your relationship and your partner (16:28)
  • The core wounds of the feminine & masculine, and how to work through them (23:30)
  • How to relate to your partner in a way that is empowering rather that disempowering (30:45)
  • The one relationship goal that will allow the relationship to continue to grow and shift and support both members as it does (39:25)
  • Step-by-step: How to let love, spirit, life flow through you without getting attached to the form it takes or the outcome… This is mysticism 101! (59:50)
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About Suzanne & Satyen Raja

For 2 decades, Satyen and Suzanne have utilized their 3 decades of immersion in wisdom, transformational, and enlightenment methodologies to provide hundreds of trainings & workshops internationally teaching tens of thousands of students the Art of the Warrior, the Art of Sage, and the Art of the Lover.

“The path is hard to find and easy to lose, but its always there”. A WarriorSage has their own path distinct from the masses and has to carve out and experience a reality of freedom, full expression, and awakened life. By creating and fostering the face-to-face trainings of WarriorSages, we release our restrictions, lesson our obstacles and liberate our potential.

Learn more about their free and paid offerings at


Sacred Sexuality Foundations: Online Program

Discover the Five Elements of Sacred Sexuality, and learn how to awaken each aspect within yourself. And it is open to everyone & ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Learn more right here, right now.


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Sabrina Lynn, Founder of ReWilding for Women, is a teacher, a guide, an advocate for spirituality beyond just love & light.

She believes in both/and… Light and dark. Humility and power. Wildness and civility. Grace and a kick in the pants.

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