Strengthening intuition is one of the MOST important practices women can do.  Having a strong and deep relationship to your own inner wisdom is the #1 thing that will lead you to a LIFE FULLY LIVED!  Once this relationship with your inner wisdom is formed every area of you life changes because you’re living from a very different place.  This new place you live from is NOT what society is asking of you, it’s NOT what your family is asking of you.  It’s what your soul is asking of you.  And it’s the only wisdom that will lead you to living your full potential.

We can do spiritual practices until we’re blue in the face but until we hear, trust and make decisions from an intuitive place our energetic openings and vibratory shifts WON’T translate into our daily lives (like our careers or our relationships)!!

Warning:  things get a bit heated in the last 5 minutes of the show!!  Shocking, right?  LOL

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Awakening and Strengthening Intuition – In This Episode

(times are approximate will be slightly different on the video version vs. the audio version)

1.27 – Why this discussion on intuition is different
3.39 – Reflection questions: How often do you say, “I should have done that or I shouldn’t have done that?” Did your mother fully trust her intuition?  Was intuition valued as much as logic when you grew up?
5.44 – The #1 way to weaken and shut intuition off
9.30 – 1st step to strengthening intuition
9.45 – Using your body as an intuitive instrument
11.09 – Body based practice to strength intuition – practice #1
11.45 – Womb as our second brain – are you accessing it’s wisdom?
15.45 – The energetic shift that awakens intuition
17.17 – Strengthening intuition – practice #2 – follow the energy
13.00 – Being spiritual AND being on this earth
13.40 – Opening up to your full potential
17.32 – Strengthen the ability to translate intangible knowings into action in the world
19.00 – Raw energy can not lie – how do you translate it into thought?
20.00 – Hear the intuition, translate the intuition and then trust the intuition
20.50 – Trusting intuition and how it will change your life
21.50 – Letting go of society/family expectations
22.22 – The #1 thing preventing you from stepping into your full potential
22.48 – Strengthening intuition – practice #3 – the vortex of women’s work
23.41 – Why your spiritual practices AREN’T translating into a happier, fuller life

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  1. Rhonda Dennis (Rhondella) on October 23, 2019 at 8:25 am

    As a teen, I made the concious decision NOT TO BE LIKE MY MOM! She rationalized, repressed, and ran from her ‘Mothers intuition’. Since then, I have worked through a lot, of ‘Healing of the ‘Mother wound'(s). My mom and I have a Great relationship now. We’ve owned and shared our stories. We’ve forgiven each other.
    I let go of family expectations a looong time ago.
    I’ve been on a life-long healing journey. First childhood abuse (which seemed to take forever!). Now working through my adulting traumas and abuses.
    I, sometimes, use my intuition via gut, visions, hearing, and signs; a feeling in the environment, a sixth sense, something someone says or does, a book, article, video, or an actual sign.
    After watching this podcast, I will be doing the practices, mentioned here, to strengthen and utilize my intuition, everyday!

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