RW 159 – SPIRITUALITY THAT WORKS: Enough of the Old Ways (Could Enlightenment Really Be This EASY?)

“I want spirituality that works!” Heck yeah! Why wouldn’t you? You can dive right into it in LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE! Here we jump head first into SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGIES that work and then open the door for them to ripple out into our daily lives!

Spirituality was meant to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Not just escape it.

Us everyday, non-monk types need a new way… a way that honors our daily lives, our other callings, purposes and heart’s desires!

Finding a spirituality that works in all of these ways can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

So much has been hidden and/or watered down in most spiritual traditions. Ancient practices that might have worked for the generations past just don’t do the trick for the modern-day psyche. Or maybe you’ve found a new age spiritual teacher/tradition/practice that’s popped up, and they’ve developed some pretty decent spiritual technologies that work for the modern day person, but they’ve really only figured out how to give you a great trip and have no idea how to help you bring the insights and awakenings into your daily life. This episode is a fun look at all of this!

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Topics Explored in “Spirituality That Works”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • The Jupiter Neptune conjunction. Expansion and ungroundedness (3:58)
  • How to anchor peak spiritual experiences into the mundane (5:31)
  • Seeking transformation. Opening up and allowing it into daily life (7:36)
  • Everyday experiences can bring about spiritual transformation? (9:42)
  • How we’re being flooded with grace right now. So what’s going on? (10:30)
  • Integration. This is next-level embodiment (13:58)
  • Feeling flow. Aliveness in every area of life!! (15:05)
  • Living Close to the Bone. Bring soul truth into daily life (17:29)
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