RW 5 – Three Steps to Align with your Soul Purpose

This ISN’T about vision boards or making a list of the things your passions, that can be helpful but that’s surface level stuff.  

ReWilding of the soul is about going deeper into the realms of the psyche that contain our soul visions and excavating any rubble that’s preventing us from manifesting our dreams.  

We share meditation practices, astrological tools and other tips and tricks to help you get past the logical left brain and into the core essence of self where your soul purpose is held.


In This Episode – 3 Steps to Align with your Soul Purpose 

1.30 – Dedication to a special circle of women

2.48 – Warning: we’re going for it in this episode and it might not be comfortable

4.00 – Uncovering your soul purpose

4.24 – Why vision boards don’t work

4.50 – What’s preventing you from stepping into your full potential?

6.00 – Just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean you’re not on your path

7.51 – Preparing to receive a soul vision

8.05 – Vision quest – calling for and receiving the soul’s vision

9.55 – Practices to uncover your soul purpose

10.20 – How archetypal/myth work can help uncover your path

11.00 – Astrology insights – how to use astrology to give you hints around your soul purpose

11.23 – Past life gifts, wisdom and karma

12.03 – Where to find future visions hints in your astrological birth chart

12.30 – Listening to your intuition

14.00 – Developing a deep, strong connection to your core essence

14.30 – How clear and how empowered is the life line within you?

15.15 – How to block outside influences from knocking you off your path

17.00 – Visualisation practice for protection of and alignment to one’s soul purpose

18.00 – Discover what’s preventing you from manifesting your dreams

18.50 – Eliminate self sabotage

20.06 – How past lives, ancestral lineages and the collective influences us

23.13 – Finding your tribe

24.30 – The gift and magic of sacred women’s space


Welcome to ReWilding for Women!

ReWilding For Women is sacred container, a resource center, a women’s circle. It was created by women, for women, to help us peel back inauthentic layers we have absorbed from the society around us. To guide us along the path of feminine awakening and soul reclamation. To teach us to trust what we already know, that sacredness, that magic, that endless love comes from within, not from without.

Our practices and teachings incorporate tantra, shamanism, astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, and personal inquiry to go far beyond each of these realms. To go deep into the body, the self, the soul, the places where only you can uncover your ancient gifts and your everlasting connection with the universe around you.

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