Sister Support Program

Feeling called to support a Sister who's longing to stay in Circle?


By contributing to the ReWilding Sister Support Fund your gift will go directly to a woman in need!

To take it a step further, ReWilding will match every dollar donated!

Together we can extend a hand and pull a Sister in who is longing for the community and connection that we have found through Inner Circle!


  • Funds received directly support current members of Inner Circle
  • Funds will be distributed to those who could most benefit from the financial support, enabling them to remain in Circle
  • ReWilding matches all contributions
  • Donate once or set up monthly recurring contributions
  • Contributions can be made in $5 increments
  • There is no telling how impactful this act of kindness truly is
  • Thank you!

Sister Support Contribution Options

Donate once or set up recurring contributions

1 Time Contribution

$5 - $500 USD

Monthly Recurring Contributions

$5 - $500 USD


Thank you so much for supporting our community in this way!
Extending a hand to a woman in need is at the core of what we do - together we rise!

If you have any questions about this program please don't hesitate to reach out to Malea directly. She is our amazing Community Manager and can be contacted at

Please Note:
Contributions made to ReWilding for Women are not tax deductible, though there is no telling what they will do for your karma!