What can the myth of Medusa and Pallas Athena tell us about sisterhood shadows and ourselves? What exactly is required to evolve beyond these hidden places? How do we know when we’re acting from wounding rather than acting from love?

In today’s episode, we explore these questions as well as the myth of Medusa and Pallas Athena in relation to sisterhood and Self. We feel into these 2 powerful archetypes as a doorway into our own wounding and examine our shadows to find clarity on the awakening path.

ReWilding For Women is a unique set of practices that draws from astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, shamanism and personal inquiry to peel back the layers so we can step into our fullness.

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Full length audio version

Sisterhood Shadows – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

3.02: Eclipse Energy and Revealing What’s Hidden/Shining the Light On Our Dark Places
5.12: Pallas Athena Conjunct the Eclipse and What She Can Show Us
7.01: The Courage to Dive Into Self In Relation to Sisterhood Shadows
9.53: The Myth of Medusa and Pallas Athena
13.07: Working With Self – The Beauty and Gifts of Working With Archetypes and Myths
14.35: Feeling Into Pallas Athena
15.33: Feeling Into Medusa
16.17: Enter Poseidon – More on the Myth of Medusa and Pallas Athena
17.58: Feeling Into Pallas Athena’s Response to Perceived Betrayal
19.17: Feeling Into Medusa’s Jealousy and Constant Comparison
22.40: Owning Our Wounds and Projections When Working In Transformational Women’s Circles
26.02: Speaking and Acting From Wounding vs Speaking and Acting From Love
27.00: Triggers, Growth and the Path of Evolution
31.33: The Perfect Storm and Looking Back at Self
33.31: Life As the Ultimate Workshop
36.08: Recognizing a Safe Container For Doing Big Work
38.15: Getting Honest With Ourselves and Moving Past Defense Mechanisms
42.04: Current Status of ReWilding Followed By Closing Comments


Artist Credit: Ursula O’Farrell

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