RW 11 – Secret Women’s Business: Why All the Fuss?

Secret women’s business is something that we as women know deep in our bones and often long for. In this episode we dive into some of the principles of “Secret Women’s Business:”  What is it? What makes it so powerful? What makes a healthy women’s circle? And more…

This is definitely the most ‘out there’ episode we’ve done and you’ll probably laugh a time or two as Sabrina tries to translate some of the more esoteric principles of secret women’s business into words.

Topics Explored in Secret Women’s Business:

  • The vortex of life force energy that is created when women come together.
  • The door opening effect of this vortex, which allows each woman to go deeper into parts of herself to uncover her truest, most authentic nature.
  • The mysterious opening of the heart that happens in women’s circle.
  • How being seen alters a woman’s inner most self on profound levels.
  • How the witnessing that happens in circle shifts and transforms some of the deepest things in a woman’s world.

Secret Women’s Business Episode:

Secret Women’s Business Show Notes:

1.30 – Why does women’s business have to be secret?
2.06 – Safe spaces, containers and temples
4.00 – When the purity of the energy can’t be translated into words
6.03 – 5 components of secret women’s business
8.10 – The vortex of a women’s circle
8.52 – When 2 or more gather in my name
9.57 – How life force energy effects circle
12.27 – The power of being seen
15.13 – The power of a woman’s heart space
16.00 – A woman’s stress response is tend and befriend NOT fight or flight
18.13 – The power of the witness
19.03 – How simply being heard and seen creates shifts
19.20 – How ‘anchoring’ within circle helps to manifest

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