Doing the Inner Work Isn’t a Selfish Quest, it Ripples Out Far Beyond You!

In this episode we chat about the profound effects your inner work and your journey toward self empowerment has on your loved ones and your ancestral lines. Often times women feel that taking time to do deep work on themselves is a selfish act. The truth is, it’s quite the opposite. It’s the most profound gift you can give to your family, friends and those around you.

When we do the work we don’t just do the work for ourselves.

In this episode we explore how healing past wounds, opening to our full potential and awakening our truest self has the most profound effects on our loved ones and others in our lives. We talk about how the energetics of doing the work creates a ripple effect that our little minds can’t possibly begin to fathom. Enjoy the show!

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The Ripple Effect – In this episode:

0.58 – A dedication
2.15 – Honoring the big work that we as women are doing
3.44 – What’s in this episode
7.28 – Example of ripple effect:  an open, awakened woman vs. a closed, tense, protected woman
9.46 – How your energy, as woman, effects your environment
10.36 – A mother who’s present, open and who demonstrated fullness of self
11.19 – Doing the work ripples out through our cords to others
11.58 – Healing sexual wounding (not just from this life)
12.33 – How healed is sexuality in your ancestral line?
13.07 – Healing this life, past life, ancestral lines and the collective
13.58 – Full empowerment of self isn’t for the faint of heart
14.32 – Bringing down the divine masculine (shiva) and bringing up the divine feminine (shakti)
15.18 – Rippling out far beyond children, lineage and those in our life
16.02 – The vortex of sacred circle and it’s power
16.30 – We are just raw energy & quantum physics
17.34 – A study on the effects of meditation
18.23 – 100th monkey study and the ripple effect of social change
20.58 – Honoring the women who were on ReWilding Retreat & the women doing the work
21.46 – Empowerment is NOT a selfish quest, it’s so much bigger than you

art by Laurie Kaplowitz

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