Last year 10,000 women experienced BIG MAGIC, indescribable AWAKENINGS and epic TRANSFORMATION. Today it's your turn...

Which of the 12 Women's Wisdom Keys Will Unlock Your GREATNESS & Take You Home to TRUE SELF?

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Join us for the deepest, most transformative women's work in the world (FREE)!

ReWilding for Women is shamanic, tantric, archetypal and embodied. We combine sacred technologies and feminine wisdom practices to bring you the most comprehensive, deep diving, soul rising online program available! Sign up now to get the first week for FREE!

There are a lot of so-called "free" offers out there and many of us have been incredibly let down by their sales tactics and/or lack of real content. As founder of ReWilding, I assure you that this is no gimmick. It's the exact same Week One content that I will be sharing with the women who have signed up for the full 12-week Mystery School program. With love, Sabrina Lynn

"The energy is really so amazing! I've been experiencing energy orgasms during workshops!"
~ Lydia

Awaken to the Magic of Your Own Body & Soul

Join us in this Week of Mystery School and Receive (for FREE)


You'll receive two of ReWilding's signature workshops designed and honed over the last 10 years to take you far deeper into self, spirit and soul than any single modality or tradition could alone. It's in these depths that we can create profound & lasting transformation.


The workshops will be followed by 25 minute informational explorations. These will spark additional insights and support your energetic journey so that you can ground everything you're uncovering into your daily life.


This is women’s work: drinking in the mysteries and then stepping into circle together, to go deeper and further than we could ever go alone. You'll get direct access to Sabrina Lynn and the Mystery School support team and participate in LIVE gatherings.

"Mystery School has opened the doors for me to receive.  It has opened the doors for me to find my voice.  It has opened the doors to magic for me.  I feel something deep arising within me, a remembering of the feminine power, of the ancient ways.  It is potent, it is divine, it is love.

What You'll Gain

Deeper connection to your intuition and inner power

Increased levels of energy and vitality

More powerful & heart-connected experiences of pleasure

Increased levels of purpose with clarity and direction

More intimacy and trust in relationships

Confidence to pour your full, authentic self into the world without hesitation

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This is your chance to step into your fullness!
Don't let it pass you by!


A Note from Sabrina Lynn

After leading 56,000 men and women through awakening programs online I can confidently say that the ancient temple spaces that held sacred wisdom and kept the Mysteries alive can take place in online workshops and wisdom circles!

In this week of Mystery School, you get to dive straight into this sacred territory. You get to peel back the false masks, remove armor around your heart and blow up the upper limits that have been holding you back from stepping into your true, full, embodied and empowered self. You also get to open and awaken more of the gifts and innate magic that resides within your body, your psyche and your soul. 

My goal for you? I want you to leave this program able to connect to the heights of spiritual wisdom and the depths of soul. At the end of it, I want you to feel confident to go and do exactly what it is that you came here to do and be exactly who you came here to be... in your absolute fullness!

With that, I invite you to join us for the first week of Mystery school. No strings attached I’d simply love to open the door to the mysteries for all those who are called!

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women

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"It’s simple... DO IT. Mystery School is the most profound, life-changing, beautiful, eye-opening, raw, empowering, unique experience that I will forever be grateful for. From the deepest depths and the highest heights, Mystery has taken me to places in self that were so buried or I didn’t even know existed. It has set me free from old patterning, whether it was mine, generational or ancestral."
~ Danielle