Spiritual Healing & Awakening Resources Specifically for Women of Color

Scorpio by Sabrena Khadija

by Sabrena Khadija

ReWilding for Women aims to support the spiritual awakening and soul embodiment of each and every person who calls themselves “woman.”

We are, however, currently an organization of white women. We do not share the experiences of racism (directed at us), race-based trauma, or generational oppression that many women of color live with.

We recognize that for many, working through race-based blockages is as vital to their soul reclamation as working through gender-based blockages.

So to complement the materials of ReWilding for Women, we are continuously compiling additional resources that we hope women of color find useful and supportive on their journeys to embodying their whole, authentic, soulful Self.

Teachers & Teachings for Decolonization & Healing

Dr Rosales Meza

(Webinar) Reclaiming Intuition by Decolonizing Minds

(Video) We Rise: Heal & Triumph: Releasing Generational Trauma

(Video) Colonial Mentality and Why It Matters to Your Mental Health as a Woman of Color

Dr. Jennifer Mullan

(Blog) Decolonizing Our Minds

(Podcast) Decolonizing Therapy & Expressing Rage

(Article) 3 Black Therapists Share Their Go-To Coping, Healing & Grounding Techniques

Rev angel Kyodo williams

(Podcast) Loving, Living, Learning: A Liberated Life, with Black Girl in Om

(Book) Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace

Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining)

(Video) Trickster, Monster, Other: New & Ancient Ways of Seeing in the Dark

(Video) The Earth Talks: Indigenous Way of Knowing

(Video) Indigeneity and Interbeing

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

(Blog) Awakening Fueled by Rage

(Blog) Of What Have I Ever Been Afraid

Heather Louise

(Video) Race Based Trauma Healing: 5 Coping Tips for Trauma

(Video) How to Build Confidence & Self-Esteem: Therapy for Black Women & Race Based Trauma 

(Video) You’re Pretty for a Black Girl: Healing Racial Trauma

Bayo Akomolafe

(Blog) A Meditation on Blackness

(Video) Trickster, Monster, Other: New & Ancient Ways of Seeing in the Dark

Other Resources

(Book) My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

(Podcast) Therapy for Black Girls: The Impact of Racial Trauma

(Podcast) Black Girls Heal with Shena Tubs: This One Is About Race

Online Communities Created to Support the Spiritual Journey & Healing of Women of Color

Afro Divine Feminine Awakening

Black Girl’s Healing House

Black Girl Magik

Black Girl’s MagicK

Black Queens of Spiritual Healing

Brown Girl Coven

Indigenous Native Women Warrior

Inner Beauty Movement™: Women’s Healing And Feminine Support Community

Spiritual Awakening: Women’s Journey

Spiritual Odyssey of the Melanated Queen

The Recharge Sanctuary: A Healing Space for Womxn of Color

Women of Color Healers Network + Resource Group

Instagram Accounts for Daily Wisdom & Inspiration

Bruja Tip

Decolonizing Therapy

Gabes Torres

Dr. Jacqui W

Jamila Reddy

L’Erin Alta

Lalah Deliah

Liberation Meditation

Maryam Hasnaa

Mosaic Eye

Queens Healing Queens


The Soulcare Collective

Soulistic Wellness

Tasha Nassar

Tatianna Tarot

Whole / Self Liberation