Reclaiming your power is an incredibly potent practice we work with in ReWilding and I’m excited to share it with you. I loved filming this episode, mostly because the practice is so powerful and so yummy. It takes you straight to your most empowered, truth-filled, heart-centered self.  

In this episode, we open up to the river of life within.  We access the wise, all-knowing woman within (the one who can see our past, our present and our future).  We talk about intuition and how to open to it, trust it and allow it to guide us. We talk about your soul’s path, AUTHENTIC empowerment, and tips for living your fullest life.  

I hope you enjoy this episode and the incredibly powerful practice!

Would love to see you in the comments, on facebook or at an upcoming live event!

Reclaiming Your Power – In this episode:

1.23 – Inside story about our ReWilding For Women 6-month Intensive
2.49 – How astrology can empower you and lead you to particular goddesses or archetypes within
3.49 – Origins of experiential astrology
4.49 – When psychic readers, astrologers, doctors and other professionals have it wrong
5.51 – Opening to our own innate wisdom and intuition
6.20 –The wise woman within who knows the past, the present and the future
6.55 – Being conditioned away from our intuition
8.10 – The ‘Reclaiming Your Power’ Practice
8.15 – Opening the inner channel or river of life
9.10 – Aligning with your core
10.30 – Opening the chakras
13.15 – Using the power of your breath to move energy
14.13 – Connecting to the source of life, mother earth, father sky, shakti and shiva
14.53 – Invoking the part of self that is your wise, all-knowing woman
15.19 – Asking for guidance from your higher self
17.00 – Discerning from a place of deep wisdom
20.01 – Decision making based on your soul’s truth
20.14 – Part 1 – Going to this place to get the wisdom
20.21 – Part 2 – Trusting the wisdom and acting from your knowings
20.34 – Example of how to use this practice
21.40 – Where most women fall short
22.22 – What causes our intuition to run away?
23.35 – Finding more practices to help develop the wise woman within
24.15 – Living from soul truth

Art by Francisco Letelier

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