RW 23 – Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: 200 Years Worth in 2 Days

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine is a wild, gorgeous and powerful process, especially in today’s world.  In this episode we talk about the ancient women’s wisdom that has arisen in recent years and the life-transforming potential that these ‘big mamma’ potent practices hold for your life.

We dive in further to explore the 4 most powerful tools for reclaiming the divine feminine.  This episode and these tools are not the ‘slow’ way of reclaiming the glory and the fullness of the feminine within, these tools are deep, profound, life-altering tools and practices.

Warning: This is not a ‘light’ episode:-)  We hope you enjoy the depth, the love and the truth that comes with this show.

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Our apologies, we only have an audio version of this episode and we recorded from a new location which comes complete with dog’s barking and trees falling in the background:-)

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine – In this episode:

3.30: Sacred space and why it’s so essential for reclaiming the Divine Feminine
8.10: The messiness of the reclamation process
8.35: Reclaiming the Dark Goddess Lilith
11.30: The power of women’s circle and the Dark Goddess – a profound example
12.30: Embodying the warrior woman
13.45: ReWilding’s Birthday and the divine timing of the big mamma shift in our circle
14.16: Understanding the essence of the Divine Feminine
17.00: What is 200 years of reclaiming in 2 days?
18.50: The quickening around the reclaiming of the Divine Feminine
20.15: How ancient women’s wisdom is currently being uncovered in our society
21.00: Collectively opening to the feminine wisdom that sits inside each of us
26.25: Reclaiming the Divine Masculine
28.20: Temple space – more on the importance of sacred space
28.48: Reclaiming tool #1 – How you might be denying the divine feminine and you don’t even know it
31.00: When 2 or more are gathered in my name – the power of that (aka the power of circle)
31.24: The union of the divine masculine and divine feminine
32.20: Reclaiming tool #2 – Holding yourself to the fire
33.00: How the Divine Feminine speaks to you
34.30: A tip for following your soul’s path
36.30: Reclaiming tool #3 – Feeling it in your bones
39.00: What is feminine wisdom? Reclaiming feminine power.
40.00: From depressed and tired to vibrate and joy-filled
41.00: A journaling exercise for aligning with the Divine Feminine
42.05: Reclaiming tool #4 – Finding the big, potent practices and sacred spaces

artwork by Bernadaett Bagyinka


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