Topics explored in this ReWilding episode:

1. What is the current state of the collective rise of the feminine?
2. Witches.
3. What happens after we’ve awoken to Shakti or the Divine Feminine?
4. Sacred prostitutes.
5. Shifting from inner healing and awakening to serving and being.
6. Dark Goddesses.
7. Learning to live from the fullness of our feminine in our daily lives. 

Enjoy the episode!


Video Episode Here…



Online Programs Mentioned in the Show…

The programs mentioned in the show are our upcoming “Sedona Workshops“, “Inner Circle“, “Mystery School” and the “12 Days of Circle”. Inner Circle is the continual online Women’s Circle that Sabrina holds 3 times per month, Mystery School and the Sedona Workshops are in-person programs facilitated by Sabrina and the 12 Days of Circle was a series of free online workshops that we shared with our community.

Where this episode was recorded… 

This episode was originally recorded in our free facebook group. This is where you’ll find an abundance of resources along with Pop-up LIVES hosted by Sabrina Lynn that aren’t shared anywhere outside of our group.

Huge love and thank you for being a part of ReWilding!
Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team


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