Personalised ReWilding Journey 

A Journey of Self Discovery & Empowerment!

3 Months of  Coaching, One on One Sessions, Private Videos and Discounted Workshops 

Ladies, this is a big journey!! 

Diving deeply into these unique parts of self over a 3 month period allows for deep exploration, healing, opening, awakening, transformation and empowerment.  

This journey is 100% tailored to you!!!  It's my way of holding one-on-one space for women to go into the parts of self (or the archetypes) that hold the most for them.

The archetypes we open to and the themes we focus on are what makes this journey so unique and so potent.


personalised journey

Potential Themes to Dive Into

  1. Divine Feminine.  Opening, healing and empowering the feminine archetypes within.  We can focus on any or all of the 5 faces of the feminine (Warrior, Dark Goddess, Mother, Lover, Medicine Woman).
  2. Divine Masculine. Opening, healing and empowering the masculine archetypes within.
  3. Sacred Marriage. The Sacred Marriage or the balance of our inner masculine and feminine.  
  4. Soul's Purpose.  Deepening our alignment with our Soul's purpose.  This includes opening up to our Sun, South Node, North Node and Chiron. 
  5. Gifts of the Soul. Opening to our unique and innate gifts we came into this lifetime with as well as releasing anything that's blocking us from stepping into our highest potentials.   
  6. Sexuality. The wild woman's sexual nature.  Opening to shakti and the kundalini goddesses within. 
  7. Spirituality.  Spiritually connecting through the archetypes. 

Program details 

Each month we'll get together twice.  Once to chat via skype and once to work together in person through your birth chart, your unique power points and your challenging bits.  

This one-on-one time together is completely personalised to you and it's something we typically can't get into in group space because each of our charts as well as our psyches, body make up, personalities, karmas and dharmas are incredibly unique!!  

This means you'll be with me fortnightly!!  It's an incredibly supportive way to journey into empowering all of the aspects within!

What's Possible with This Program?

  • Deepen your connection with your true self
  • Shed the layers that are holding you back
  • Reclaim your fullness and aliveness
  • Awakenings you've maybe read about but haven't experienced
  • Openings to the kundalini process
  • Alignment with your destiny / dharma / soul's purpose
  • Clearing old, unwanted thought patterns and letting go of old habits
  • Live more fully from your heart and soul
  • Healing of traumas from this life, past lives, ancestral lines
  • Opening to your more esoteric soul gifts
  • Healthier, more fulfilling intimate relationships
  • Stronger ability to manifest your dreams

What You'll Get

  • 3 one-on-one (in person) ReWilding Sessions with me.  These are 1.5 - 2 hours long and focus on your personal birth chart, the insights from your astrology reading (see below) and your intentions for the program. 
  • Full 2 hour astrology reading with Daniel Sowelu (via skype).  Value of $240. 
  • 3 (30 minute) skype calls to support your journey into self. 
  • 24/7 email access to me and support phone calls when needed over the entire 3 months.


As a member of the Personalised Journey Program you'll also receive:

  1. Free 3 month access to the "ReWilding for Women Inner Circle".  This membership includes private members only monthly talks, teachings and other great stuff, which includes further information on the energies we're working with and at-home practices to deepen your experiences. 
  2. An mp3 recording of your astrology reading with Daniel.
  3. 20% discount on all ReWilding workshops and retreats from May 2017 to August 2017.  

You've got nothing to lose 

Journeying deep into these parts of self in this private one-on-one fashion is priceless work that will empower every aspect of your life. When I offered a similar leadership program in corporate (which didn't go anywhere near these depths) the cost was $7,000 for 3 months of coaching.  But, because I love what I do and feel this is really important to offer this year, I've set the price for this program at $1,950 or a payment plan that's only $390/fortnight!   

Limited spaces available!

Due to my rather full schedule this year I'm only able to offer this program to 5 women.  If this program sings to you please lock things in with me as soon as possible so you don't miss out. 

I'm very much looking forward to taking this deep and wild journey with you!

So Much Love

Sabrina Lynn 

Book your spot Now!

Program kicks off 1 May 2017

But your astrology reading can happen as soon as you book in. 

All one-on-one sessions with me at my place in Stanwell Park.  Sessions are 1.5 - 2 hours long depending on what we're diving into.   There's a train station very close so if you prefer public transport I'm happy to grab you from the Stanwell Park station.  

ONLY $1,950.00

Payment Options

  1. Pay in full $1,950.

  2. Pay fortnightly. 6 payments of $392 (total price $2,340).

To reserve your spot email me directly and say, "Sign me up for the Personalised ReWilding Journey!!"  Then specify which payment option you prefer.