How to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs that go far beyond just the mind and our mental patterning. In this episode we dive into the deeper, more unseen realms that are holding us back:

– societal constrains we aren’t aware of 
– social norms we’ve been trained to abide by
– family patterning we’ve psychically absorbed
– sexual wounding that keeps us small 
– past life energetics or karma we’ve unknowingly brought in with us 
In this episode we shine a light on some of the deeper, more hidden patterning in our psyches. This patterning is what unknowingly keeps us from fully opening and expressing who we authentically are.  
This is one of our most potent and juiciest ReWilding episodes! (Apologies for the swearing, there was a lot of fire coming through:-)

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

3.20: Overview of the topic: “Overcome limiting beliefs”
5.00: Living in society with a mask on
5.51: Opening circle – ReWilding practice #1
8.40: Shakti awakening meditation and breathing
10.05: ‘I See You’ ReWilding practice
11.55: What do we need to do to open to the fullness of self?
12.20: What parts of you were accepted when you were a growing up and what parts weren’t?
12.35: Feeling into constraints we’ve absorbed through our ancestral lines
14.00: Old sexual programming in the feminine
15.30: #1 – Family systems – how to overcome the limiting beliefs we’ve absorbed
17.14: Finding freedom from family patterning
18.56: #2 – Social conditioning and societal norms that hold us back
20.44: The oppression and degradation of the feminine in today’s society
23:00: #3 – Past lives / karma that might be holding you back
24:00: Feminine specific limiting beliefs to feel into
27.30: Upper limits and tipping points that help shatter old patterning and social conditioning
28.00: Human evolution, being able to dance fully in our feminine AND fully in our masculine
28.50: Clearing limiting beliefs techniques
30.00: Examples of limiting beliefs
38.00: How to identify limiting beliefs
41.00: Holding yourself to the fire
42.50: Upcoming opportunities to ReWild


Art credit “Open” by Steven DaLuz

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