RW 154 New Year Astrology 2022: What does 2022 have in store for us?

In this New Year Astrology 2022 episode we’ll talk about what the upcoming year has in store for us! Are there 2022 astrological predictions in this episode? Maybe! Watch to find out!


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Topics Explored in New Year Astrology 2022:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • The Dark Goddess is loud and demanding feminine reclamation (12:22)

  • Making it personal and honoring the feminine in yourself: What is she asking of you right now? (24:39)

  • Hekate is in conversation with Lilith, and they are massively empowering each other to show you how much magic and wisdom resides within you (28:24)

  • Pluto, the Dark Masculine, is shining a light on the places we think are not divine, showing you how you can love the unlovable (32:38)

  • We’re at a choice point: The US Pluto return and the Saturn Uranus square is taking us to the next level with all sorts of new technologies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs. Can you step into this opportunity? (37:04)

  • The Great Attractor calls you to higher states of consciousness and ways of being: What is new for you, upgrading in you? (44:50)

  • Direction and clarity in 2022: this New Moon is in Capricorn and it’s time to move forward in resonance with HER (51:19)

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