SURPRISE BONUS: Birthing a New World Wisdom Circle!

5 Feminine Wisdom practices for times of transition

Below you'll find the 90-minute Wisdom Circle we held just before the release of our Birthing a New World online retreat. If you're curious about the retreat you can learn more HERE! 🌀🌱💛

What You'll Gain From This Wisdom Circle:

  • Experience the energetic transmissions that come through in a Women's Wisdom Circle
  • Open to the mysteries of the cyclical, ever-changing, death-rebirth nature of feminine wisdom
  • Learn to flow with (and even embrace) change and transformation, instead of fighting and resisting it
  • Practices and ways of being that take you into the deep, bone-knowing of the feminine mysteries

A Wisdom Circle is like a workshop, but with "mind food." So I encourage you to go into it with both your mind and your body open to receive the insights and energetic transmissions!

Want to Learn More About the Retreat?

(And Get Lifetime Access to the Mini-Series)

To learn more about the program that inspired this Wisdom Circle and possibly even retreat with us, here are all the details for our 7-day Birthing a New World Retreat.

What Women Are Saying About This Retreat...

"I was not expecting the gifts that keep pouring out of this retreat… Every day something else shifts and aligns in me… I am content and joyful in each moment, eager to see the wisdom and love in each one. [It] gets easier every day for me to just be me, to be joy and love."
~ Sofia

"Thank you for leading this way to freedom and creating a fresh, love-powered, new world. My brain literally got rewired and I feel so ready to serve the world from a more whole, soul-filled, love-filled space!"
~ Fulye