Bonus – New Moon in Aries 2022 Astrology | Finally Heal Deep Wounding (Embodied Astrology)

This Aries New Moon 2022 Astrology brings enormous potential to finally heal deep wounding and step into the new. If you’ve been waiting for a new style of astrology that really works, this episode is for you! This Aries New Moon Astrology 2022 episode reveals how to work with the astrology to to heal patterns that have been repeating your entire life. This is an extremely destined time! Find out how to make empowering choices now.

Work with the energy of Chiron, Wounded Healer:

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Other ways to work with the New Moon in Aries 2022 Astrology:

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Work intentionally with the warrior energy of the new moon:

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Activate Hekate, Medicine Woman, during the new moon:

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Topics Explored in the New Moon in Aries 2022 Astrology:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • Aries New Moon. The energy of moving forward, pioneering the new (11:27)
  • Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjunct the New Moon. Enormous potential for healing (15:35)
  • Finally heal deep wounding. The pattern that keeps repeating in your life! (22:23)
  • Chiron magic. How your wounds can be your gift to the world (24:16)
  • Embodied astrology and working with the asteroids. Astrology that works!! (37:51
  • Hekate conjunct Uranus. Bringing spiritual awakening energy to ground (40:52)
  • What Hygeia brings to the mix. The heights and the depths, sacred union (45:28)
  • The Nodes of Fate. Lilith, Parvati, and your destiny (50:14)

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