Mystery School - 2020

What is Mystery School?

Mystery School is the gathering and creation of a circle of women who come together to walk a path toward opening to their most sacred gifts and authentic selves. Together, in circle, we create a shakti-filled space that allows for deep exploration, healing, opening, and awakening.


Mystery School consists of 3 terms:

Term 1 - Intensive. This is an initiation into as many of the 36 archetypal energies as we're able to open to in the time we have together. We explore shamanic practices, meditation, tantric practices, energy healing, and archetypal accessing and embodiment. The aim for Term 1 is two-fold:

  • Strip back any false layers, remove masks and release that which no longer serves us. This is de-rubbling at its finest!
  • Open and awaken to the hidden aspects within, which bring us into alignment with our highest, fullest, most empowered selves.

Term 2 - Opening the Gifts.  This term involves opening to our unique soul gifts, soul purpose and sacred power within. This is a continuation of opening and stepping into our highest, fullest, most empowered selves.

Term 3 - Facilitator Training.  Those aligned with becoming a certified ReWilding practitioner - either a group facilitator, coach, or one-on-one practitioner - will be invited to participate in Term 3.


personalised journey

Themes We Work With In Term 1 Intensive:

  1. Divine Feminine. Opening, healing and empowering the feminine archetypes within.
  2. Divine Masculine. Opening, healing and empowering the masculine archetypes within.
  3. Sacred Marriage. Balancing, unifying and bringing your inner masculine and feminine into harmony.  
  4. Soul's Purpose. Aligning deeply with your Soul's purpose. This includes opening to your Sun, South Node, North Node and Chiron. 
  5. Gifts of the Soul. Opening to the unique and innate gifts you came into this lifetime with, as well as releasing anything that blocks you from stepping into your highest potentials.   
  6. Sexuality. This is an extraordinarily important component of our creative nature and the very life force that runs through us. We'll open to this via shakti practices and the kundalini goddesses within.
  7. Spirituality. Connecting with the Divine through both the masculine and feminine archetypes.

Term 1 Intensive details 

During our 4-month intensive program, we'll gather on retreat together 3 times. These 4-day retreats are deep immersions where we gather in sacred circle and journey into the mysteries through the doorways opened via the archetypes and themes listed above.  

We'll also open circle in a live online format once between each retreat. In these workshop sessions, I'll take us into different archetypal energies and practices. You'll have lifetime access to recordings of the online workshop sessions, as well the meditations and lectures that we record during the in-person retreats.

Throughout the program, we'll connect with one another and communicate via our private Mystery School facebook group.

In-person retreat dates

  • 7 - 10 Feb 2019 (4 day, 3 night)
  • 5 - 8 April 2019 (4 day, 3 night)
  • 24 - 27 May 2019 (4 day, 3 night)

What Women Are Saying About Mystery School

More of What Women Are Saying About Mystery School

"It truly has been a magical journey. And there is so much LOVE. Never before have I experienced such a sisterhood. By the end of Intensive, I was experiencing significant shifts in my self-awareness, confidence and empowerment. But I knew I was just beginning this emergence. I was shaping my life in a different way, rather than allowing it to take me along with it." ~ Jo Norman

"I can not believe the amount that has shifted in my life. It's in every way in my life, everything has shifted and I see the ripple effect of that throughout all the relationships in my life, with my children, with my partner, with my ex-husband, with my work; everything has shifted!" ~ Deni Rayneau

"It’s simple. DO IT. Mystery School is the most profound, life changing, beautiful, eye-opening, raw, empowering, unique experience that I will forever be grateful for. From the deepest depths and the highest highs, Mystery has taken me to places in self that were so buried or I didn’t even know existed.  It has set me free from old patterning, whether it was mine, generational or ancestral."  ~ Danielle Wright

"Truly life changing. I am forever grateful to Sabrina and Rewilding for the change this has made in my life. I recommend this to anyone wanting to dive into the mysteries of life...." ~ Elise Heyward


Women coming to this Mystery Circle must have attended a previous in-person ReWilding event OR have participated in ReWilding Inner Circle for a minimum of 3 months OR have completed the Sexual Healing Online Retreat.


If you qualify for Mystery School and would like full details, please email us at Just let us know how you qualify and request that we send you the details.