In this episode we dive deep into healing hidden mother wounds, as well as the current astrology that’s supporting doing this work. Looking at our relationship to biological mother as well as the mother archetype we discuss:

– Shadow expressions of mother
– Divine expressions of mother
– How to step into healthy, whole mother


Using astrology, goddess archetypes, shamanic practices, and personal inquiry, we peel back the layers to reveal how to cleanse and heal our relationship to the divine mother, in order to fully express our gifts in this life.


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Full length audio version

Healing Hidden Mother Wounds – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

4.40: What to expect and setting your intention
7.58: Opening circle – breathing & visualization
13.20: Introduction to the topic  – “Healing Hidden Mother Wounds”
17.11: Current astrology
27.05: Why we need to de-rubble the relationship with the mother
27.34: Shadow of Mother #1 – Where is the mother taking away your power?
29.33: Shadow of Mother #2 – Where is the mother not whole?
31.22: Shadow of Mother #3 – What does the mother need?
32.55: Divine expression of mother
33.55: Shadow of Mother #4 – Reclaiming your power through choice
35.50: Soul Contracts with mother
37.20: Doing the work
38.00: Stepping into healthy, healed mother
39.39: Resources for doing the work
42.01: Live Q&A – What is the first step?
42.29: Live Q&A – What about hidden father wounds?
43.25: Live Q&A – How do you deal with emotional & spiritual fatigue when doing this work?
46.22: Live Q&A – How to include other family members in this work?
47.57: Live Q&A – What if you can only see the good in your mother?
51.06: Live Q&A – Can you recommend a guided meditation for this?
53.25: Live Q&Q – H0w can I attend live workshops for this?
54.00: Closing circle

Art credit: Josephine Wall

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